Introducing nation’s first and only premium greenhouse building: Premium Design

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The number of country houses in South Korea is steadily increasing. This is not only a national trend, but also a global one. An integral part of a cottage is but a garden. However, during the rainy season or winter, there’s not much to do. That’s why greenhouses are becoming increasingly popular. They’re not only your own garden, but they’re also another living space. 


Highly durable and beautifully designed for 10+ years of trouble-free use!

Premium Design is the only company in Korea that develops and builds outdoor greenhouses, offering high-quality premium greenhouses and leading the market with customization and a wide range of add-on options to meet your needs. Since greenhouses must be used for at least several years, durability is very important and convenience must also be provided. Premium Designe’s premium greenhouses, which produce all of their products domestically, have high durability that can be used without problems for more than 10 years. In addition, it is famous for its design, materials, and convenience, as well as various additional options and maintenance services. CEO Sangchun Sim says “For those looking for a happy country life, a greenhouse is another small home. We offer high quality, simple to install, beautiful and durable products at affordable prices so that you can enjoy a comfortable and eco-friendly life.”


Rigid aluminum frame withstands the weight of adults over 80 kg!

Aluminum-coated polycarbonate for complete protection from intense sunlight and UV rays!

Premium Design uses high-strength aluminum for the frame, which is extremely rigid and designed to withstand strong winds, storms, and heavy snow. The frames are made of 1.5mm to 3mm thick high-strength aluminum that is powder-coated for extra strength, and the special design further enhances the overall durability, allowing each frame to support an adult weighing over 80kg. The material used for the greenhouse is high-strength polycarbonate, which is 10 tons thick and has a four-layer structure with three layers of air inside. This provides excellent heat retention and prevents condensation. In addition, the UV-resistant coating perfectly blocks UV rays and does not discolor over time, so it maintains its beautiful aesthetic for a long time. The company specifically developed honeycomb technology with a honeycomb-like air layer, which is 1.7 times stronger than conventional products. Polycarbonate does not condense and is extremely resistant to external pressure and impact. It is so durable that it is 250 times more impact resistant than ordinary glass, and it is also extremely heat-resistant, which is why it is widely used in various industries such as architecture and medicine. This self-extinguishing, flame-retardant material is also very lightweight and scratch-resistant, making it the best material for outdoor greenhouses. All greenhouses come with a 10 year warranty.


Flexibility and customization!

The greenhouse from Premium Design has a side height of 2 meters, so you can work within any interior space. Plus, you can add an extra meter if you want. It also has double-opening casement windows that you won’t find anywhere else, and they’re so strongly fixed that they won’t move at all, even in strong winds. You can also install folding doors, not just on one side, but on all four sides if you want. This is thanks to the very high strength of the frame, which is made of high-strength aluminum and has a side height of 2 meters. The greenhouses come in a variety of models, from 2.7 meters to 3, 4, 5, and 6 meters. They can be installed back-to-back, making them infinitely expandable in length, and they can be customized with compartments inside. You can also customize your greenhouse by choosing from a variety of options, including transparent slats, flooring, insect screens, decking, shading screens, wall sunrooms, colors, and more. A big plus is that all components are modular, so anyone can DIY the installation. 


A greenhouse installed anywhere!

Premium Design’s premium greenhouses have been installed in numerous tourist destinations across the country. In particular, the greenhouse installed in Gwacheon City has received an overwhelming response from citizens. The greenhouses have also been installed in numerous other public institutions, including KEPCO, the National Intelligence Service, military bases, religious facilities, and schools, where they are used for events and educational purposes. This winter, it will be installed at the Seoul Plaza outdoor skating rink.  


Going global!

Premium Design has been making greenhouses for 15 years. CEO Sim, who started his career in the countryside more than 20 years ago, started his business when he started researching to fill the gaps in Chinese greenhouses. Today, he leads the domestic greenhouse market and is actively exploring the global market. This year, he plans to participate in the world’s largest international garden and living exhibition ‘2024 spoga+gafa’ in Germany with the support of KOTRA.

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