A ship parts company Union Tech is to go global with its innovative radar posts and antenna posts!

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Korea laid the foundation for shipbuilding through the establishment of large shipyards in the 1970s, and has continued to develop it by nurturing talent and developing efficient production systems. As a result, Korea has the world’s best technology in large ships, LNG ships, and drill ships with high added value, and is continuing a boom in receiving orders worth more than 3 trillion won.


Unparalleled technique in radar posts!

Union Tech is a shipbuilding equipment and ship component parts company that focuses on radar posts. A radar post is a device that supports the radar installed on a ship and raises, lowers, and moves the radar according to the situation. Marine radar is a device that detects obstacles, other ships, and the coast located at sea and displays their location, distance from the ship, and direction on a flat position indicator. It can be said to be the eyes of the ship. Union Tech has continuously researched and developed the field of radar posts and has produced a variety of products including vertical (telscopic) and horizontal (tilting) methods, and manual, electro-hydraulic (ELE.C HYD), and electric (ELECTRIC) driving methods. The company currently has three patent registrations and one application filed, and is designing and manufacturing products to meet customer needs, resulting in high satisfaction. The company is leading the field by mainly providing radar posts to HD Hyundai Heavy Industries, Hyundai Mipo Dockyard, and Hyundai Samho Heavy Industries.


Complementing the shortcomings of existing antenna posts by developing a marine antenna post (M.R.O.) system

Union Tech is currently researching and developing a marine antenna post (M.R.O.) system. The purpose of this system is to provide a marine antenna post that can effectively adjust its height. Not only does it firmly support the antenna, but it also lowers the height of the antenna to prevent it from colliding with the offshore structure when passing through it. Existing marine antenna posts are driven manually, requiring separate manpower, and it is not easy to adjust the height of the main pillar, so there is a limit to lowering the height of the antenna. Union Tech is developing a product that can stably adjust the height of the antenna post by lowering it using a motor. The plan is to develop a sensor that detects contact on the upper and lower inclined flanges and use the signal to stop the motor operation to prevent excessive use of the motor, and to develop it based on 3D modeling that can monitor the lifespan and maintenance of the product.


Completion of the Marine Ocean Academy Leader Course and Quality Academy Course

Union Tech completed the Marine Ocean Academy Leader Course and Quality Academy Course for technology development and quality stability. Among them, the Marine Ocean Academy Leader is a training course aimed at nurturing marine leaders in the Korea Coalition of Marine Policy who are responsible for responding to and engaging in marine-related issues, proposing domestic and international marine policies, enhancing the status of the marine industry, and leading national marine awareness. Union Tech aims to achieve quality improvement and zero defect rate through quality/sustainability management, and to achieve 100% delivery rate and customer satisfaction. The company’s goal is to achieve zero accidents 365 days a year by conducting safety training at least twice and conducting worker health management and risk assessments every year. In addition to being selected as a 1 million dollar export tower, Union Tech was also certified as a venture company/main biz/Gimhae City Morning Star Company and selected as a smart workshop. The company also received ISO9001/ISO14001/ISO45001/Root Enterprise/Material, Parts and Equipment Certification.

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