INZI e-SOLUTION is a company specializing in high-safety, eco-friendly lithium-ion battery packs that combine ICT and AI!

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- Developing battery fire prevention technology through AI technology!


With the growth of electric vehicles and ESS, the demand for battery packs is growing, and so is the industry. But battery safety is holding it back. In 2020, there were 11 electric vehicle fires, with 43 in 2022 and 72 in 2023, and the number is rising rapidly. Many of these fires are caused by batteries, and technology is needed to prevent them from happening in the first place. 


Key-player in the high-safety lithium battery market!

INZI e-SOLUTION is an AI and ICT-based lithium-ion battery packaging company, leading the market for high-safety and environmentally friendly lithium batteries. The Company manufactures and sells lithium-ion batteries for golf cars, cleaning vehicles, power distribution intelligence, AGVs, electric vehicles, forklifts and UPS. The company has been R&D, manufacturing and selling battery systems for 13 years, with rich experience and extensive operational data. As a result, the company has a track record of delivering hundreds of thousands of lithium battery packs over the past decade. The company’s lithium battery packs are used in all areas where battery packs are required, and the company has small, medium, and large lithium design technologies. Lithium batteries for AGVs can save about 30% of electricity costs due to their high charge and discharge efficiency, and have a lifespan that is three to four times longer than lead-acid batteries. For forklifts and excavators that require a lot of power, their high energy density enables them to last up to 1.5 times longer, and for industrial UPSs, they have the ability to respond to instantaneous power output with three times the power of lead-acid batteries. The company recently introduced an innovative lithium pack at InterBattery 2024, Korea’s largest battery exhibition. This lithium battery pack reflects the industry’s demand for the application of safety technology at or above international standards. The company developed a number of high-safety products based on the KC62619 ‘functional safety’ design, and also introduced an ESS that obtained ‘NFT(P)C 607’ fire performance certification to ensure the safety of lithium packs even in fires.


Secure battery trust through BMS!

Increase stability with remote management and black box!

BMS (Battery Management System) developed by INZI e-SOLUTION monitors and analyzes battery status in real time and enables optimal lifespan through safety and performance management of the battery pack system. The core functions of BMS are mainly divided into battery life, battery performance, and battery safety management.

To execute these three functions, sensors are used to monitor voltage, current, and temperature, and the operating FW collects various sensing information and uses software algorithms to predict and optimize charging status and lifespan. It also performs voltage equalization to reduce deviations between cells, and protects the battery from overcharging, over discharging, and overcurrent, and provides control and optimal management. MGS operational safety was improved with a redundant design reflecting functional safety design, and a black box function was added to store fault information by storing real-time data in SD memory during operation and perform cause analysis through data analysis. In addition, the combination of LTE-M, Wifi, and Bluetooth wireless communication modules allows for remote real-time monitoring. 


Using AI to prevent battery fires at the source!

Aiming to be the No. 1 in the lithium battery pack industry!

INZI e-SOLUTION is developing a fire prevention technology that utilizes AI technology. The technology aims to prevent fires from occurring in the first place by analyzing usage patterns through AI to predict failures and fires in advance. The technology can be used to predict the remaining life of batteries that have been used for 3 days to 1 month and when a failure or fire will occur in advance. The company has developed a range of products and customers based on these technologies, and has made notable progress in the mobile ESS space.  INZI e-SOLUTION is on track to become the number one player in the lithium battery pack industry and is recognized as a leader in the field.

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