Daechang Facility provides easy construction, minimizes construction period/labor costs/defects, and makes repairs easy through the ‘integrated one-touch distributor’!

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In winter, meters and pipes are damaged by freezing due to the cold, and when the water that was frozen in winter melts in spring, it creates leaks that cause the building to deteriorate. Dealing with frozen pipes and leaks can be costly, increasing construction time and labor costs during construction. The fact that the meter is off-site also makes it difficult to see the problem immediately, delaying resolution.


Reduce construction time, minimize labor costs and defects, all in one, one-touch distributor!

Daechang Facility has developed and presented a wide range of products based on 45 years of know-how in mechanical and fire protection field construction. The company’s distributors play a key role in a building’s heating system. They evenly distribute centrally generated hot water to various areas and floors of the building, distribute hot water from individual boilers to each room, and play a major role in the energy efficiency of the building. CEO Gwangho Min has been conducting on-site construction of these heating systems and carefully analyzed the problems. Installing the distributor and meter separately creates the potential for problems when hot water problems occur during or after construction. Min says So I developed a meter-integrated distributor that allows them to be installed together instead of separately.” The all-in-one, one-touch distributor developed by Daechang Facility not only shortens the construction period and reduces labor costs through ultra-easy construction, but also minimizes the occurrence of defects and is easy to repair. 


Solving construction problems with meter-distributor integration!

Elbow assembly makes construction easy and fast even in narrow spaces!

The Daechang Facility’s all-in-one, one-touch distributor solves a number of construction problems. By eliminating the need to install piping separately, it reduces labor costs by reducing the number of people required to do so, and the all-in-one solution eliminates the need for additional items required in traditional construction methods, such as box parts for separate meters and distributors. It also is a meter-integrated distributor with an elbow assembly that is easy to assemble and disassemble and can easily form an airtight seal, allowing for easy and quick assembly in tight spaces. 


Quick check and simple repairs!

A building might have four meters, each of which is located under the sink for heating and in the ceiling for cooling. In this case, the building’s occupants have no way of knowing what’s going on and how it’s working, or how it malfunctions. In other words, the traditional meter and distributor structure is prone to freezing and is difficult for occupants to recognize. The all-in-one, one-touch distributor, on the other hand, doesn’t have this problem because it’s in one place. Min says “With the integral-distributor, we can see the leak before it reaches the floor of the room, since the meters are mostly located in the hallway. You can see everything that’s going on in the all-in-one-distributor, so you can just deal with it as you see it. If something breaks, it can be as simple as removing the meter lid and replacing the pipe it’s connected to.” The Daechang Facility patented the meter-integrator-distributor in December 22, and has been in production since this year.

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