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During the monsoon season, the skin is often dry, and problems can occur easily at the slightest irritation. In spring, the sun*s UV rays are stronger, the weather is drier, and pollen and dust are flying around, which can cause skin troubles. 


Foi manages problematic skin with years of skincare experience and know-how!

Foi is a skincare shop that treats problematic skin based on its long experience and ability. Director Jeongmin Park majored in related studies and has 20 years of medical skincare experience at a dermatology clinic and a large hospital in Gangnam, Seoul. Park has been doing skincare for a long time and felt that she needed to provide ongoing care on a more fundamental level, and wondered how she could provide the same professional services in rural areas as in the capital. Foi offers an AI self-skin test program that uses big data to help customers analyze their own skin. Skin problems are usually caused by a combination of factors, not a single one, ranging from a person’s lifestyle to the use of certain cosmetics. Foi charts your past and present historical data, examines your lifestyle and home care habits in detail, and then identifies the direct causes of your skin problems and the aggravating factors that affect your skin. 


Rapport with customers! Personalized care with trust!

At Foi, building trust with customers is of utmost importance. Park says “I’m a big believer in building rapport with clients. You need to have a personal connection to achieve your management goals and get positive results.” There are three main types of care under this trust: skincare, body care, and waxing care. Skincare is acne, pores, pigmentation, stress, wound healing MTS, pigment whitening, and lifting. Body care is size reduction, which uses cavitation to destroy the fat layer to reduce size, and EMS energy therapy, which uses energy transfer to strengthen muscles, move waste, and reduce swelling. Waxing care provides a full care of waxing and soothing that is suitable for each part of the body depending on the skin texture, and provides customized care that is suitable for each customer.


Various skincare equipment! Lecture for entrepreneurs!

Foi has a wide range of equipment that provides faster results without causing pain or discomfort. One of them is the plasma machine, which sterilizes harmful bacteria on the skin to help reduce breakouts. Plasma can also break the bonds of pigments, which helps to lighten your skin color. In addition, it also has HSPs (proteins that reduce the secretion of proteolytic enzymes, which are the main cause of skin damage and aging, and help cell regeneration and restoration), LDM that increases natural moisturizing factors glycosaminoglycans (GAGs) to enhance elasticity, and Ulthera and HIFU (high-intensity focused ultrasound) for powerful lifting effects. HIFU delivers high-frequency ultrasound energy to the fascial layers of the dermis and epidermis, creating a powerful tightening and lifting effect. Currently, Park is constantly investing in education and research to stay on top of skin knowledge and the latest technologies for more professional and responsible care, and is preparing specific and organized lectures to pass on to the newcomers who will open a related business. Park says “I plan to organize the course into theory, practice, and on-the-job training, and grow the business together as a franchise.”

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