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▲ Literary painting artist Jeon Young-mi (aka Yeawon)

Literary painting artist Jeon Young-mi liked painting very much since she was a child. She was influenced by his father who loved calligraphy and was complimented many a time by her teacher for her talent. Unfortunately, her hard-up family of five siblings was unable to support her dream alone and she had to alter it to majoring in nursing at university. Yet she could not help brewing her dream and learned the skill at an art academy in her spare time while working as a nurse at Korea University Hospital. Feeling sorry for her who might have been a talented artist, Jeon’s father encouraged her to do literary painting and an occasion led her under the instruction of Ju Mi-young (aka Yeongjung) who shares a respectable presence among the circles of the Korea Literary Painting Association. 

Development of style
Jeon sees ‘blackness’ as the most natural state when it comes to the value of literary paintings. “Literary paintings started from amateurish mainly enjoyed by idle nobles and scholars during the Joseon Dynasty era. I think this might prompted the charm of ‘blankness’ in the composition and my idea is to make the most of this charm” explains Jeon. Within two years of her teacher’s instruction, Jeon started to engage in various exhibitions and competitions and has harvested substantial results: twice specially selected and three times selected for the Grand Art Exhibition of Korea, and has been invited many a time to the Grand Art Exhibition of Gyeonggi and Goyang. Quite recently, she joined the PyeongChange 2018 International Art Exhibition. 

Painting day by day in consistency
“Today is the best day for me to live” says Jeon. “Interesting to say that I’ve found more pleasure in my life since starting the painting and I don’t have any intention at all to stop this pleasure.” When asked about future plan, Jeon said “I will try to find new materials for my works in an effort to widen my style and subject. 


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