Sweet Home performs Double Room X Mugando, a psychological thriller play, at 2024 Seoul Theater Festival

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Started in 1997, the Seoul Theater Festival this year invited 4 translated plays, 4 original plays, and 2 one-act plays to Daehak-ro the streets famous for theaters. 


Double Room X Mugando is two plays in one concept

Sweet Home, a theater company, opened its door 13 years ago. Its latest play Double Room X Mugando, a two plays in one concept, has been invited to the 2024 Seoul Theater Festival held from May 6 to 26. The Double Room is a story of the mental and physical pains of two patients in a double room ward. The Mugando is a story about the infinite hell.


The pain from victim’s point of view makes right and wrong obscure

The two patients in Double Room X exchanges their souls to feel each other’s pain and Mugando is themed on child and school violence, unfolding the story on the victim’s point of view. The audience is invited 

into the play as medical and education staff members.

“The play uses ambivalence as its main tool to unfold the story. The audience might feel the obscurity between right and wrong and observe humanity that falls to contradictions and conflicts. The audience are also ushered to the different positions of the strong and the weak as well as indifference and violence. Double Room won Best Acting at the 2nd Dilemmas Theater Festival and Mugando was chosen for the 2023 International Two-Person Play Festival.

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