Godin Lab’s LCD pen tablet monitor opens up the smart classroom of the future!

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It is likely that students in this time of digital age no longer study on paper and carry heavy backpacks. Instead of dozens of books, they study using e-books on tablet PCs. In South Korea, the implementation of AI digital textbooks will begin in earnest in 2025. As a result, various smart edutech technologies are emerging one after another.


Godin Lab’s LCD pen tablet monitor lets teachers and students to write freely on the screen

Godin Lab’s LCD pen tablet monitor has a smart blackboard function that allows students to write freely on the screen. Students and teachers can draw or write directly on the screen with the lesson content visible, and the design is intuitive and easy to use. The best part is that teachers can write on a tablet monitor on their own table, rather than on a blackboard, so they can teach students face-to-face. Godin Lab / CEO Saeoak Chun says “LCD pen tablet monitor is a digital pen smart blackboard developed by us. It is compatible with various products such as tablet monitors and tablet PCs, and the best part is that you can write on the screen with a pen without using an electronic blackboard.”


Connect with TVs, e-boards, and projects to share lessons

Godin Lab’s LCD pen tablet monitor is a peripheral device consisting of a wirtable monitor, pen, and connecting cables. It can be easily connected to a teacher’s PC or laptop with a simple 3 in 1 cable, or by connecting the VGA, USB, and power adapter cables from the PC to a single USB-C cable. It works out of the box without the need to install any programs or plugins, and it can be connected to any OS-based electronic device, including Android, making it extremely versatile. Write on the liquid crystal fan tablet monitor with dedicated pen, and connect to TVs, e-blackboards, and projects to share classroom content. When it’s time to erase, it’s as easy as using a pen. Chun says It mirrors the lesson materials on the PC to the pen tablet monitor and transmits the handwriting screen to the video camera. This allows teachers to utilize the easy writing and touch capabilities of their PCs without the limitations of space, and to see student participation in real-time. Also, it can be utilized in both face-to-face and virtual classrooms.”


Installed in 40 schools as smart classroom screens

Godin Lab’s LCD pen tablet monitor has been installed in more than 40 schools across the country and has been extremely well received by teachers and students. Their testimonials include. The writing program is simple and intuitive, which makes it easy to use; I can move around the classroom to write; I used to write on the board with my back to the students, but now I don’t have to, so I can see what they’re doing; I used to cover my body when I wrote, but now I don’t, which makes the lesson go faster and the students love it; I can sit at my desk and give corrective guidance when students are working on problems; I love being able to sit down and write when I’m tired.


Prompt maintenance services

The company has the only technology in Korea to create an electronic pen solution for writing, and the monitor is also developed in-house. The company also developed the firmware and software of the EMR sensor module in-house, and the EMR sensor has a resolution of 5080 LPI, which provides high positioning accuracy for pen coordinates. In addition, the extremely fast pen recognition speed (response speed) of 280PPS (Point Per Second) enables fast writing and smooth curves. All related parts are also manufactured in Korea, so in the event of a malfunction, the company provides fast and low-cost maintenance services directly from the headquarters. If it cannot repair it on the spot, a new product is provided to use until the repair is completed. The monitor is 15.6 inches, which is the perfect size to sit on a teacher’s table. 



The monitor received a lot of attention from teachers and industry officials at the Education Korea 2024 held earlier this year. Teachers said it can be utilized efficiently in the classroom to help teachers teach better and keep students focused. However, it hasn’t been adopted as quickly as expected in the classroom due to restrictions on school budgets.  Godin Lab also showcased its Exergame program at the show, which is designed for students who love to play but hate to exercise. It is already widely used as a physical education program in advanced countries, including the United States. The company also launched Meta bike, a program that combines Exergame with a variety of kids’ favorite games, such as Kartrider, to inspire students with participation, physical fitness, and learning.

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