From domestic 4PL logistics to complex overseas logistics services, Dongbag will take care of it for you!

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With the ease of international transportation technology, people are now buying products directly from abroad when they find them hard to find or cheaper than at home. However, the process is still more complicated than buying goods domestically. This is especially true for customs processing. For this reason, people are using purchasing agencies or shipping agencies, and competition is intensifying among companies that can respond quickly.


Dongbag International improves seller’s satisfaction with quick response and personalized services!

Dongbag International is a South Korea-based purchasing and shipping company with headquarters in Weihai, China, that has gained popularity among sellers for its responsive and customized services. Dongbag allows you to monitor the progress of all items and shipments in real time, and the self-segregation of discrepancies allows you to check the personalized customs code immediately, reducing customs clearance time.

The company minimized returns with the use of prepaid invoice printouts and improved the convenience of shopping cart customization with a simple Excel bulk order form. The homepage breaks down the search engine into categories, and simple aggregation of bulk orders makes it easier and faster to ship items. The company also has solid inventory control to see how and when items came in, how many are in storage, and when they left. In addition, Dongbag has a good communication system with Korean-speaking employees, and they always respond to inquiries quickly and easily through KakaoChat.


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Consulting for sellers, from certification to customs clearance to insurance!

Dongbag handles everything from the tricky KC certification for children’s products to food quarantine, electrical and radio wave certification, so sellers only need to think about how to sell their products. With Coupang Rocket Shipping, the company takes care of the purchase and delivery to Coupang’s warehouse, making the storage and delivery of goods smoother. There are no additional fees other than the open price, and the basic inspection of quantity, size, and color, photography, repackaging, and inventory storage are free of charge. For products that are easily damaged, the company has partnered with insurance companies to provide compensation up to 1 million won, and no insurance fee is charged.

In particular, Dongbag Korea 4PL provides an integrated solution with storage, delivery, and inventory management in Korea. In addition to automatically and manually collecting orders from retailers, it also offers solutions optimized for online shopping malls, error-free inventory management, and order-to-shipment tracking. In addition, the company has increased convenience by matching product information for each retailer, simplifying product names and option names, preventing mislabeling and misdelivery, generating its own barcodes for the entire inventory. Due to these services, Dongbag was awarded first place in satisfaction by sellers.

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