Hakwonsin is preparing a nationwide service for the hakwon information comparison platform that helps you find the right hakwon for you and even provides entrance exam information!

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- Starting in Daegu, it has surpassed 10,000 members and plans to expand the service nationwide by December of this year!


In Korea, where college entrance exams are unthinkable without hakwon(private academy), parents and students are often confused about which hakwon to cahoose. There*s nowhere to go to get the right information, and the internet is full of ads. Some students end up switching hakwon after a month or two because they trusted a search or a recommendation from a friend. 


Get more information without having to visit the hakwon in person!

Hakwonsin, a platform that allows users to compare and select from more than 7,500 hakwons in Daegu, surpassed 10,000 members last month, and is garnering a lot of attention as it plans to expand its services nationwide. 

It allows you to check a variety of information about the hakwon, such as the hakwon’s introduction, location, instructor bios, admissions results, course information, tuition fees, student reviews, events, coupons, and more. Parents can see detailed information about each course, textbooks, and progression plans at a glance that would be hard to find without visiting the hakwon in person, and they can also contact the hakwon from home by entering their student’s information. 

You’ll find honest reviews from actual students, and student-authenticated reviews ensure that only students who have attended the hakwon can write reviews. It also uses a “location-based hakwon recommendation algorithm” that allows parents to enter their child’s age, location, and personality to get recommendations for the right hakwon. You’ll also find information from admissions experts on each of the admissions categories, so you can get the latest and most important information, including the 2028 reforms. 

“I attended a hakwon in Suseong-gu, Daegu, which is known for its high educational quality, during middle and high school. At that time, I felt a lot of inconvenience because there was no place to find information about hakwon that suited me. To improve this inconvenience, I started my own business and started developing an app.” says Lee.

At Hakwonsin, not only parents but also hakwon operators can receive various benefits such as hakwon promotion and management.

“There are a lot of unreasonable advertisements online, but Hakwonsin provides objective and accurate information because the members of Hagwonsin are the ones who post the information and provide reliable reviews and testimonials. This will help to eliminate the imbalance of information between different regions and different classes of people by making it possible for everyone to find a hakwon equally through the app instead of relying on word of mouth.” says Lee.

If you create a flyer or blog to promote your hakwon, it will cost you at least a few million won, but with Hagwonsin, you can effectively promote your hakwon for about 10% or less per month. 


▲ Hakwonsin / CEO Kwanyu Lee

Nationwide service by the end of this year!

Lee is working on system upgrades and service enhancements to make the app more useful to more parents and hakwons. He plans to add an in-app community feature to create a place for interactive communication between hakwons, parents, and students. The company has also applied for a patent for its location-based hakwon recommendation algorithm. 

“I am now preparing for the nationwide launch of the app. As early as this summer or by the end of the year, I will launch the service that allows users to search and compare hakwons across the country. There are more than 8,000 hakwons in Daegu alone, and 130,000-140,000 hakwons competing nationwide. With all the publicity and advertisements, parents are confused about which hakwon to choose, but Hakwonsin will help them save time and money and choose the right hakwon for their children.” says Lee.

Hakwonsin signed an MOU with law firm Cube on the 22nd of last month to provide various legal support services for users and members.

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