Stay Order & Pay is a food delivery app for foreign tourists in South Korea

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Thanks to the Korean Wave, the number of foreigners visiting South Korea is increasing year by year. Korea Tourism Organization summed up that around 11 million people visited last year and it is 245% increase on previous year. Many factors are thought to be attracting foreigners but one of them is Korea’s unique food delivery services that go everywhere.


Stay Order & Pay is designed for foreigners to order food easily

If you order a food at the riverside of the Han River, you will receive it shortly no matter what kind of food it is. However, it is not easy for foreign tourists to download an app to order a food since most of them are staying short. Thus introduced is Stay Order & Pay. You can use this app when you stay at a hotel. While you enjoy convenience of ordering food on this app, the hotel you are staying enjoy a fee of providing the services by registering the restaurants around. 

“You can use the kiosk at the hotel. You just scan the QR code with your phone to order and check the process in real time. When the food is arrived, a staff member of the hotel will fetch the food to your room. It’s that simple.” explains Stay Order & Pay CEO Heoju Moon.

Stay Order & Pay runs on Korean, English, Chinese and Vietnamese. You can get information about the weather, local events and travel promotions, buy local products, or call a staff member or a taxi with this app. You can also use Paypal and WeChat Pay as well as credit cards while the hotel can manage and run the app efficiently and hassle-free. 

Stay Order & Pay is being used by many hotels, resorts and Airbnb nationwide. The company recently joined hands with Cheonan to use the app on all accommodations in the city while working on launching the services for accommodations and local product producers in Jeju. CEO Moon says that the company plans to go abroad when the business get settled down in Korea. 

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