Suggesting ‘another approach’ to student’s career path

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Students worry as much about their careers as they do about their studies. Some figure out their aptitude, talent and what they want to do with their life but some still have no idea. 

Another approach by Another Company

Founded by Hyeram Kim and Younggul Seung, Another Company is suggesting ‘another approach’ to student’s career path with different point of views on oneself and the world surrounded them. From understanding oneself to self exploration and career map-out, the career path simulation programs of Another Company gives a brand new career path experience to students. The 5 simulation programs are created in cooperation with voice actors, film directors, music composers, designers and educators.

Suspicious Studio, for example, searches desires hidden deep down and bring up a detailed vision. Another Land, for another example, uses a run-down playground for students to rebuild so that they can try their entrepreneurship. It involves analysis on companies, target consumers, problem solving and strategic business models.


Code 5 and Job Application simulations

Code 5 is a job matching program. A team of students make deals and trades with other teams of students so that they can figure out what kind of job and division they fit most. The program involves quiz and presentation. Job Application is a program students apply to a company they want to work for so that they can build up self-branding. This simulation programs have attracted more than 240,000 students last year alone and is being serviced in multiple languages overseas. 


Another Stationery

Another Stationery of Another Company is where students find PPT, activity sheets, teaching plans, and many more. These supportive tools are designed to enhance the career finding ability of students. Founders Hyeram Kim and Younggul Seung say that a new era needs a new way of education and Another Company will take a meaningful role in this. 

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