Korea Gas Safety Corporation marks 50 years of devotion and services for the people this year!

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This year marks the 50th anniversary of Korea Gas Safety Corporation. As the sole gas safety agency in the nation, it has contributed to reducing the gas accidents at the lowest level in the world. In accordance with the green hydrogen energy policy of the government, it is taking the lead in bringing forth the carbon neutrality while turning the manual disaster prevention and safety management to digital and mobile.


From importing the technologies to selling the technologies

Attended the 50th anniversary ceremony were around 500 people including Trade Industry and Energy Ministry hydrogen policy maker, Chungcheongbuk-do economic affairs deputy governor and lawmaker Jongbae Lee. 

In his opening speech, Korea Gas Safety Corporation CEO Gyumggook Bahk said “I’m proud to say that we have provided our services to the people for the last 50 years. And I must say that without the hard work of many of those who have been determined to keep the nation safe from gas accidents, we are not here today to mark the 50th birthday. Back then, the gas safety standards were hard to find. So we have been improving regulations and introducing advanced safety management systems. In particular, our LP gas facility improvement project and supply of Timer Coks have contributed to building a safety network especially for the underprivileged. Today, we are providing comprehensive gas safety management based on our 50 years of accumulated data and experience.”

It is meaningful that Korea Gas Safety Corporation is now selling its technologies overseas from importing the technologies. It is also worth bringing up the fact that it reduced gas accidents to less then 92 last year from 577 in 1995. In 2020, the corporation was designated as the sole hydrogen safety agency.


100 year gas safety vision

“Based on our 50 years of expertise in the field, we are now pushing forward our 100 year gas safety vision through attention to detail management, partnership and cooperation. We will make the most of AI and IoT to prevent accidents and to act fast when an accident occur. We will digitalize our systems and remain vigilant against possible safety accidents. We move one step ahead to secure hydrogen safety and contribute to the government’s carbon neutrality policy. We will work together with other organizations for integrated safety technologies home and abroad. And we will implement down to earth safety measures so that the people will actually feel they are safe from gas accidents in everyday life.” says Bahk. 


Congratulatory messages

The Ministry of Trade, Industry and Energy delivered its congratulatory message “The role of Korea Gas Safety Corporation is to protect lives and properties of the people. Only 46 staff members were there at the beginning but around 1,700 staff members are working for the corporation today. It reduced the number of accidents to 92 last year from 577 in 1995. I give my compliment and support.” Lawmaker Lee said “I have no doubt that the corporation will grow into the world’s best gas safety agency and it will put into practice ESG also.” Chungcheongbuk-do economic affairs deputy governor said “I’m thankful for the event taken place here in Eumseong-gun. Hydrogen is called the oil for future. We will provide necessary support for the corporation to work smoothly especially through the transportation improvement.”


Brief history of Korea Gas Safety Corporation

Korea Gas Safety Corporation started in the name of the High Pressure Gas Security Association in 1974 before it changed to the current name in 1979. It introduced CI and was designated an ISO 9000 issuing agency in 1999. In 2000, it received a presidential citation. The head office was relocated to the current location in Eumseong-gun in 2013. On the day of the 50th birthday event this year, ministerial and appreciation plagues as well as corporation CEO’s prize were awarded to those who made contribution and a number of congratulatory performances were also took place.

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