AGBOT, a robot perfect for Korean smart farms From pest control to surveillance, growth measurement, and elevation

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- Distribution of unmanned automated agricultural robot technology Autonomous agricultural mobile robot platform


CheungWon SFA is a company that distributes unmanned automated agricultural robot technology for Korean smart farms, and its main focus is semi-automatic pest control robots along with robot systems based on autonomous mobile robot platforms. AGBOT (Agriculture roBOT), developed by the company, is a robot that improves agricultural work efficiency by collaborating with workers through an AMR-based platform. It provides robot integrated operation control as well as a user-friendly monitoring system, a high-precision docking system for automatic charging, and a hot water pipe entry algorithm. This is an unmanned and automated agricultural robot suitable for smart farms in Korea. AGBOT is equipped with a pest control robot, a growth measurement robot, a harvest robot, and a hybrid transport robot that can collaborate with people. Each robot can be applied to modules capable of performing various agricultural tasks, making its name known as a leader that can grow future agricultural fields such as research, development, and sales.


▲ CheungWon SFA / CEO Hwan-Hong Jeung

Control with robots

Providing robots in various fields such as surveillance and lifting

AGBOT has a diverse lineup of agricultural robots, among which the pest control robot that allows workers to work only in passageways without entering furrows. Using the Mecanum wheel, it can be moved in all directions, including forward, backward, left, and right diagonally, and through this, it can also run on the hot water pipes installed between the ridges. A control program is installed to automatically spray pesticides on crops through the pesticide tank and pesticide sprayer installed on top of the AMR. As such, the risk of people having to enter the area where existing pesticides are sprayed can be completely eliminated. The company said “In the existing smart farm, workers went into the furrows and directly operated the pest control robot. However, we developed it so that workers can work without directly entering the furrow to avoid exposure to pesticides.” A water level sensor is installed inside the pesticide tank, so you can check the remaining amount of pesticide and automatically fill the pesticide tank. The pesticide supply station can be installed and used by fixing it to a pole, and when the AMR approaches, the guide automatically lowers to supply pesticide.

Even if you need to control it manually, you can also control it directly using a GUI-based manual operation program. The company said “We used patented technologies such as a pest control robot system using the Mecanum wheel and an ender effector for agricultural work equipment, and with these technologies, we established a response plan to problems that may arise during pest control work.” In addition, the company provides semi-automatic pest control robots, growth measurement robots, and multi-purpose riding management robots for agricultural work. CheungWon SFA participated in the 2023 K-Farm and received favorable reviews, and is also supplying to the public an unmanned autonomous driving technology platform for detecting and entering smart farm hot water pipes, which recently received NET from the New Technology for Agriculture, Forestry and Food.

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