Auto-Cap will remove worries about fire on your electric car Securing trust through consulting with major construction companies and public institutions

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- Quickly and safely extinguishing automatic electric vehicle fires with Auto-Cap


Nation’s top asphyxiant fire extinguisher company Safe Lab Korea introduces its technology in product

Unmanned, fully automatic system provides initial response to electric vehicle fires and allows complete extinguishment with the cooling water tank function

Safe Lab Korea, a company specializing in fire extinguishing equipment, is the largest company in the domestic market for asphyxiant fire extinguishers. The company was the first one that imported asphyxiant fire extinguishers from Europe to distribute and is now distributing its own product in the domestic market. Generally, lower pipe, water tank and asphyxiant fire extinguishers are being used to put out the fire on EV. Asphyxiant fire extinguishers, in particular, cover the EV to cut off the spread of the fire. Yet it requires two people and does not work on fire on the battery.

Safe Lab Korea has been developing a fully automatic fire extinguishing device that can extinguish fires more quickly and safely in the event of a fire. In consultation with large construction companies and public institutions, the company developed a new concept asphyxiant cap, AUTO-CAP for the first time in Korea. It looks like a cap, detect fire 24 hours, and automatically covers the EV in speed in the case of fire. It comes with water tank function that also helps extinguishing fire inside the EV.


It detects heat or smoke precisely and quickly. It can be reused in case of small fire

Various types of products are available, so you can choose and use them accordingly

The sensors in the AUTO-CAP detect heat or smoke precisely and are therefore very unlikely to malfunction. What’s more, it can be reused if the damage caused by the fire is minimal. AUTO-CAP ‘Recessed’ is used as a fire extinguishing device to extinguish UPS battery fires in data centers. When heat or smoke is detected, an alarm light is activated, and it automatically descends to stop the fire immediately. It can be buried in the ceiling of a parking lot or battery room like a system air conditioner, so it is not lacking in aesthetics. There are also fixed and mobile types. The fixed type covers one side of the parking lot while the mobile type covers the other side of the parking lot by installing movable rails on the ceiling of the parking lot and moving them to the location of the fire. In the mobile type, one machine covers 2 to 5 parking places. 

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