PLTIK is a quote brokerage service that makes trade win-win

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- A cumulative estimate of 400 million won trade in one year


As technolgy advances, simpler trade is more in demand. Yet, the first industry still seems to be reluctant to adopt. Keeping the old way of trading goods and money is a good example. Aa a result, we can observe that they experience hardship securing customers or arrear payment.


Customized industrial material processing quotation brokerage service

A cumulative estimate of 400 million won trade in one year

Cuetech is a company that introduced PLTIK, a quote brokerage service for industrial materials and parts. The company has run a plastic online shopping mall ENGP.CO.KR sine 2013 that has made easy of buying and selling plastic alongside standardize engineering plastic. During this, Cuetech CEO Kang Song came to realize that many sellers and buyers were in difficulty of quoting a price.

This led him to make PLTIK. It works really simple: a partner seller of Cuetech gives a quote and a buyer takes the better offer. Before PLTIK, both parties did the deal through phone or fax which has to be repeat a number of time again and again. Above all, it was hard for them to find a supplier that would meet the order thay want. In this respect, PLTIK can be regarded as a win-win quote brokerage service platform. As if it proves its efficiency, PLTIK has had a cumulative estimate of 400 million won trade in one year.


▲ Q-TECH CO.,LTD / CEO Kang Song

Whether single part order or bulk order

PLTIK offers the way the orderer wants. You just upload the layout for sellers to see which then they will bring up with quotes. All of this process is technically secured from leakage. Cutetech boasts a wide network of production and you can order from a single part order to bulk order from general plastic materials to steel, copper, stainless, aluminium, wood, complex panels, non-static materials, and many more. PLTIK saves you time and cost and widens the choice of traders and products. Taking the momentum, Cutetech is not workin on introducing inventory management service on cloud. PLTIK has attracted a great attention from SIMTOS, SEMICON, INTERBETTRY, K-PRINT and Robo Wold at various industrial exhibitions. 

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