Net Zero-based ‘Smart Green·ESG Platform’ leader Jeong-Lim Ko

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- Winning ‘Industrial Service Medal’, the government’s highest discipline, in the field of ‘green industry/ESG management’


On October 12, ARCHITECO GROUP CEO Jeong-Lim Ko received the Industrial Service Medal at the ‘2023 Government Award Ceremony for Meritorious Achievements in Promoting Eco-friendly Technology and Consumption’ hosted by the Ministry of Environment at the COEX Conference Room. The Industrial Service Medal is a high award with a higher level of decoration than the presidential citation, the reason it garners a great attention from the industry.

CEO Ko has been a building and construction industry executive for more than 20 years since 1998 and has participated in national projects for the Ministry of Environment and Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, and Transport. She founded ARCHITECO, a venture company that establishes a system based on green growth and builds a smart green-ESG platform, a new business model that leads the transformation of the construction sector into a net-zero era. In recognition of her contributions to the development of green industry, she was awarded the Industrial Service Medal in the field of ‘green industry/ESG management’. Formerly, she has received the Minister of Science and Technology Award and currently is a member of the “Yonsei 100 Women of the Future”, which is less than 0.02% of graduates.

▲ Architeco / CEO Jeong-lim Ko

She has been recognized for her expertise in major environmental fields. She is engaged in green industry activities as a green building/climate change advisory member of Seoul City Hall and Jeju Provincial Office, an advisory member of the Seoul Metropolitan Government Architectural Association (Seoul Institute of Building Industry), and an ESG advisory member of the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport, the Korea Land Safety Management Service, and the Korea Construction Industry Research Institute. She is also a representative lecturer for the ESG High-Level Course at Chung-Ang University. Currently, she is the CEO of the venture company ARCHITECO, which is developing a differentiated carbon-neutral platform that protects the global environment with the main business of ‘Smart Green-ESG Platform’ that provides net-zero solutions.

The company’s main development product, the ‘Smart Green/ESG Platform’, is a new concept net-zero system incorporating cutting-edge technologies such as AI and digital twin. It goes beyond the limitations of BEMS, which only measures energy use in existing buildings, and measures the site of new and existing buildings. It is a technological innovation program that has the distinction of optimizing energy usage and forecasts more reliably throughout the LCA stages, including the selection phase, planning phase, design phase/construction phase/operation phase, maintenance, and disposal phase. In addition, the company is continuously seeking ESG solutions in various fields.

ARCHITECO’s core competency is an R&D center consisting of ESG Research Center, ESG Design Solution, Air-Water Research Center, SIT Research Center, and Zero Energy Research Center, which was formed to explore ways to realize Net Zero and preemptively respond to the global 2050 carbon neutrality and national system changes.

The company’s main business areas are ∼ zero-energy building consulting and system construction for realizing smart green buildings based on Net Zero ∼ optimization of various eco-friendly and energy-related certifications home and abroad ∼ advanced eco-friendly engineering technology ∼ sustainable environmental design of cities and buildings ∼ BEMS for maintaining and improving building performance ∼ energy audit ∼ commissioning ∼ eco-friendly FM (Facility Management) mechanical facility performance inspection ∼ and other differentiated solutions for maintaining and improving eco-friendly performance throughout the life cycle of buildings. The company utilizes its in-house developed ‘ESG Evaluation Integrated Management System’ to quantitatively and continuously manage energy consumption and carbon emission reduction performance by monitoring data on various environmental factors such as indoor air quality conditions. Through this, they are actively researching to gradually reduce the embedded carbon emissions corresponding to Scope 3 from the perspective of the entire life cycle of eco-friendly products and buildings. Based on its advanced ‘Smart Green-ESG Platform’ technology, the company is conducting a number of global advanced technology research projects, including Ⅱ carbon neutrality national projects Ⅱ public projects such as the Water Resources Corporation’s water safety space creation project Ⅱ global projects in Abu Dhabi, UAE, Qatar, and Vietnam, and building energy projects to realize carbon neutrality. The company continues to hold the Geo Academy every Thursday at 9 a.m. to disseminate related technology development, and publishes an ESG management column in Maeil Business.

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