Chinese Embassy in Korea holds ‘Autumn Concert for Friendship between Korea and China’

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▲ Committee officials who held a meeting with the Chinese ambassador to Korea before the concert

Chinese Embassy in Korea holds ‘Autumn Concert for Friendship between Korea and China’

The Chinese Embassy Seoul and Asia Economic Development Committee (AEDC)of Korea held the ‘Autumn Concert for Friendship between Korea and China’ at the embassy on October 21. Attending the event were members, diplomats and expatriates, including AEDC Chairman Yoon Suk-hun, former Presidential Senior Secretary for Economic Affairs Cho Won-dong (AEDC Advisor), and former Seoul Vice Mayor Kim Hyeong-ju (AEDC Vice Chairman). The concert was held in Korean, Chinese bilingualism by Vice Chairman Shin Kyeong-seub.

Chairman Yoon Suk-hun and Chinese Ambassador Xing Haiming, who are speaking as representatives.

Chinese Ambassador Xing Haiming said in his greeting, “Since the establishment of diplomatic relations between Korea and China in 1992, the mutual relationship has developed steadily and rapidly, not only providing positive benefits to both countries and their people, but also making important contributions to peace, stability, and development in the Korean Peninsula. He added, “I hope that we will work together to open a better future without losing our original intention in the early days of diplomatic ties, and hope that many Koreans will continue to show interest and support in China-ROK relations.”

▲Performers, Chairman Yoon Suk-hun, Ambassador Xing Haiming and his wife, and Ai Honga official are all singing together

Chairman Yoon Suk-hun said, "The two countries have been neighbors historically and geographically for a long time. We are now inseparable and important partners, and it is in our common interest to continue to develop our friendly and cooperative relationship.”

Chairman Yoon Suk-hun emphasized China's status and responsibility in the international community, and Asia Economic Development Committee is working with various countries as well as China to promote national economic cooperation and cultural exchanges in Asia.

At the concert, Professor Yoon Seok-Jin, one of Asia's top three tenors and a world-renowned vocalist, passionately sang world-famous songs such as Santa Lucia and O Solemio. Professor Yoon passionately sang China's national song <Song of the Yangtze River, 长江之歌> and received a warm encore from the audience.

▲ Cho Won-dong, a committee adviser who delivers a congratulatory speech, former senior presidential secretary for economic affairs

Han Il-ho, chairman of Map Group, a design company, made a friendly appearance and surprised everyone with his outstanding vocal skills that were as good as those of a professional. As a finale, AEDC chairman Yoon Suk-hun, Ambassador Xing Haiming and his wife, an embassy official Aihonga, and all the audience members in attendance sang the famous Korean song ‘Meeting’ in unison, ending the event by saying that, as in the lyrics of “Meeting,” the meeting between the two countries was destined.

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