BICHAENA ACADEMY, K-Culture at the center

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The global K-Culture craze is strong. Everything that had been stopped by the COVID-19 pandemic began and regained vitality. K-Culture has established itself as a unique culture and style in the Korean culture and entertainment industry. In particular, K-Culture is attracting the attention of people around the world, active in various industries such as Korean music, movies, dramas, games, fashion, and beauty.

Meanwhile, BICHAENA ACADEMY, located in the center of K-Culture, is a corporation operated by the BICHAENA World Movement Headquarters, the top organization in the field of culture and arts and sports. Kolon Sporex, the best facility in Gangnam, Seoul, IOC Breaking International a judge Hwang Dae-kyun, who is holding various competitions and Korean national team competitions, are joined together. In particular, BICHAENA, which is recognized as a world-class brand for breaking and street dance competitions, boasts the charm of domestic K dance.The B.DREAMS competition was highly acclaimed. B.DREAMs K-Dance EDU will be an opportunity to expand various cultural and artistic fields beyond K-pop culture.

BICHAENA President Yoon Jae-hwan said, "Bichaena is a group of people who aim for a life of emptying, filling, and sharing, which is the slogan of the Bichaena movement campaign. In order to create a society where individuals, groups, and companies live together, Bichana has grown into a volunteer organization that has been with many people for 17 years, aiming to promote the exchange of culture, arts, and sports and the spread of advanced culture by holding various events such as concerts, performances, events, and festivals. We want to create a place of cooperation for people from all over the world beyond Korea." We research and practice effective methods that transcend culture, region, and generation through cultural content planning, production, exhibitions, and performances that will create a place for sharing, service, communication, and empathy for the underprivileged through various cultural events with citizens through cultural exchanges through exhibitions and performances for the socially disadvantaged and the underprivileged.

Meanwhile, requests for special lectures on K-Dance are continuously coming in regarding the BICHAENA ACADEMY content developed for overseas tourists. The K-DANCE experience program is hosted by Hwang Dae-kyun, the legendary leader of K-DANCE, at Kolon Sporex, the best sports center in Gangnam, and aims for a high-quality dance competition. Attention is focusing on the move of BICHAENA ACADEMY, who leads K-Culture.

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