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- Make your apartment smarter, your kiosk more convenient

▲ SMCOM / CEO Baek Hyun-min

Although the quality of life has improved thanks to information and communication technology, there are still many people who are in a blind spot. Apartment managers, in particular, adhere to the classic method of directly monitoring their surroundings or patrolling through CCTV. Also, the disabled and the elderly are relatively blind spots and they often experience various inconveniences.


Reducing conflicts between residents and improving quality of life

Make your apartment smart

SMCOM specializes in VoIP intercoms that provide optimized voice, video calling, terminals and unmanned emergency calling solutions. 

When people live together, conflicts arise for any reason. Apartments are the biggest example, and there are constant quarrels between residents for various reasons such as noise between floors, living noise, parking spaces, and management. No matter how well-equipped an apartment is, if there is no management system to resolve these conflicts, the quality of life will plummet. SMCOM provides apartment services that can improve the quality of life of apartment residents and smartly upgrade the value of apartments.

The apartment service provides resident applications consisting mainly of functions used by residents. It consists of door-to-door parking management, IoT access control, community services, and service charge. With this application, residents can use vehicle reservation management, smartphone entrance control, residents’ exclusive community reservation/payment service, notice board, smartphone security guard call, and referendum service.

The app also has an IoT Free Pass for couriers, entry and exit of visiting vehicles, and emergency notifications. 


From improving the working environment of security guards to parking management

Integrated intelligent apartment control solution

It has been pointed out that apartment guards are often tasked with complex tasks and often work long hours, so the working environment needs to be improved. The Ministry of Employment and Labor is also working on ways to improve the treatment of apartment security guards.

SMCOM’s apartment service provides a smart security solution that will dramatically improve the working conditions of these security guards. Smart security solutions help security guards understand what is going on inside an apartment block while they are on the move as well as in office for visiting vehicles, gate control, patrol, intercom, emergency call and civil affairs.

It especially provides optimum solutions to parking management as all vehicles inside the apartment block is smartly controlled on the app which is loaded with a remote order to move a certain vehicle and issue a sticker when necessary.

Thanks to this, it is also possible to manage illegal and unregistered vehicles parked for a long time. These vehicles are categorized in a black list to manage easily. Visiting vehicles can automatically obtain a visit certificate by entering the visitor’s home number through the issuing machine, and it can be automatically recorded and printed.

Based on this, it is possible to generate statistics or manage data. In addition, the company’s VIZUFON PBX contact center solution provides differentiated apartment unmanned intelligent contact center services that reduce costs and increase efficiency. These convenience services are constantly updated and expanded. SMCOM CEO Baek Hyun-min says, “The apartment service helps residents avoid problems by resolving and managing their inconveniences. This increases the value of the apartment.”


Relieving inconveniences in daily life for the disabled and the elderly

Mingling Barrier-Free Service

More and more businesses are using KIOSK nowadays. KIOSK has the advantage of reducing waiting time, but at the same time, it is pointed out that the disabled and the elderly are more marginalized. To solve this problem, SMCOM developed the Mingling Barrier-Free Kiosk.

It automatically recognizes users through AIoT technology and provides customized services for each type and grade of disability. For the hearing impaired, it provides a three-way video call interpretation service through the connection of the sign language relay center, and provides guidance voice and text counseling services amplified by disability level. In the case of the visually impaired, the kiosk can be controlled through a smartphone and a remote control service can be provided. For people with disabilities who use wheelchairs, the kiosk will automatically lower and adjust the screen position upon access. Senior citizens can also connect to the cloud contact center through the call button and receive remote control services.

The company is providing various barrier-free services, such as the IoT mingling beacon button, which does not require installation as it operates without power and can be easily attached and used anywhere. A company official said, “We are providing technical solutions to disabled and elderly so that their outdoor activities can become everyday life, but not inconvenience and fear.”

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