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- Bringing fun technology to everyday life and create new value


The demand for online exhibitions is increasing day by day. With the development of ICT technology, more companies and people have chosen online spaces to exhibit their products and works. A good thing about the online exhibition is that there is no time and space limitation. Visitors can view a variety of exhibits regardless of location and time.

Thanks to these advantages, despite the end of social distancing and many people visiting art galleries, demand for online exhibitions is still increasing. Online exhibitions are becoming a place to share appreciation of the exhibition and to socialize across cultures and borders. KVR Interactive is a digital platform company that realizes human connections through digital platforms and is setting the standard for the K-metaverse platform through new technologies and connections.


Online exhibitions that can be used by anyone and anytime

Reframing offline exhibitions into online exhibitions

KVR Interactive aims to create new values and experiences through technology where human connections are needed. The company provides digital twin and virtual space services that anyone can use anytime, anywhere through various devices.

It provides a variety of exhibitions and platforms that are not limited by time and space, and in particular, transforms offline exhibitions into 3D online exhibitions. KVR operates a variety of online exhibition halls and museums. The company filmed and produced the special exhibitions held at the five National Science Museums in panoramic VR and reproduced them in realistic high definition. The five museums are National Science Museum, Busan National Science Museum, Gwangju National Science Museum, Gwacheon National Science Museum and Daegu National Science Museum. Apart from this, KVR creates online exhibitions for Ecorium, POSCO Eco-friendly Materials Forum and the National Marine Biodiversity Institute of Korea. Photos, videos, and audio contents are provided in the exhibition, and real-time chat and screen sharing are possible within a 360-degree space.


Promoting products and services without time and space restrictions

Creating new value through technology convergence

Companies need space to display their products or services, but there are time and space limitation. CEO Choi Tae-cheol says, “Companies often want to introduce their products to overseas buyers, but existing websites have often had limitations. So we have introduced a digital platform that can deliver products according to the concept in a virtual space.”

KVR’s digital platform uses 3D products and digital humans to develop immersive content, and provides a space and content manager to show it to people. From photos to video, audio, and 3D content, it can be provided in a 360-degree space, and even video conferencing, real-time chat, and webinar hosting functions are provided.

In addition, AI chatbots, member management, and multi-dimensional statistical analysis provide further assistance. KVR implemented these contents at many exhibitions related for environment, industrial technology, SMEs, agriculture, block chain and remote meeting halls. Choi says, “We have the ability to quickly converge the necessary technologies to create new services and value according to market needs.”


▲ KVR Interactive / CEO Choi Tae-cheol

Unreal-powered WebXR weddings, memorial platforms, and innovative new initiatives

Weddings, memorial ceremonies, and new experiences with Unreal-powered WebXR technology

Recently, KVR introduced its Unreal-based WebXR wedding platform and the Unreal-based WebXR tribute platform. The wedding platform allows users to attend virtual wedding venues through VR/AR devices or web browsers without time and space restrictions.

The memorial platform also allows you to attend funerals in a virtual space. These technologies enable realistic and high-quality graphics and 3D environments, allowing users to enjoy a realistic experience as if they were at a real wedding and memorial site. Choi says, “These platforms will create a new culture that anyone can participate in. It allows users to participate in events safely from home, providing an environment where anyone can participate anytime, anywhere. In the future, interest and support for the development of these technologies will expand, and we will continue to explore new markets.”

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