Yoon congratulates successful launch of Nuri

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Yoon congratulates successful launch of Nuri

Yoon and his aides watched launching of Nuri at the presidential office. Hearing it was a success he could not hide his joy but saying “The road to the space is open for us and our dreams and hopes will travel far and wide” adding “It is the very result of our last 30 years of challenges.”

“My greatest thanks and congratulations to all those who have walked along the path on behalf of all Korean people. Let us push our space dreams forward and grow to be a space powerhouse. Like I pledged during the election campaign, I will open an aerospace agency and made the support more systematic” said Yoon and showed his thumbs up.

Science and ICT Minister Jongho Lee said “Nuri has settled in the orbit and also succeeded communicating with King Sejong Station in the South Pole. Today, we proved to the world that South Korea has independent space development capability. Not complacent, we will make sure of the follow up launch and introduce better and better performing next generation projectiles in the coming years.” 

Nuri reached the 700km target distance in the space on June 21, 4pm, Seoul time, shot from the Naro Space Center. 

Yoon abolishes webpage petition but runs proposals instead

The Yoon administration pointed out that the former regime’s Blue House webpage petition did not run based on the Civil Complaint Law and the Petition Law that makes opening of the petition to the public fundamentally not allowed. They said that most petitions were not answered except the petitions agreed by more than 200,000 people. According to the presidential office, 1.11 million petitions were put up on the page and only 0.02% received answers. 

Abolishing the webpage petition, the Yoon administration runs proposals based on the 4 principles: 1) non-disclosure 2) 100% real name 3) limits the comments that benefits certain groups or organizations 4) responsible answer and implementation. Proposals can be civic complaints, petitions and proposals on phones and videos. 

The proposals is run alongside the Excellent Proposals Group consisted of 10 public and private judges who will single out an excellent proposal to be voted by the people. <PowerKorea>

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