Introducing a new concept driver’s QR code messenger CUSHION that will protect drivers from leakage of personal information and possible crime

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When you park your car, you normally leave your phone number under the windshield in case someone needs to contact you. Recently, cases are increasing that some bad people use your phone number for crime. Experts warn that exposure of one’s phone number can lead to leakage of personal information. Alarmed by this new way of stealing information, the government encourages drivers to use QR codes or safe numbers. However, not many drivers are convinced yet.


Why pay for using secured number services while you can use it free with CUSHION?

Instead of the paid secured numbers, you can use free QR codes to protect your personal information with CUSHION. Demonstrated at the 2023 Seoul Mobility Show, CUSHION created such a buzz among visitors and industry insiders alike. It lets two people contact each other without exposing or exchanging phone numbers. 

All you need to do is download the CUSHION app on your smart phone and stick the QR code sticker on the windshield. Those who need to contact you should scan the code to send and receive texts.

Unlike the paid secured number services, CUSHION is free not to mention that it is more convenient.

Jim Lee, CEO of CUSHION, says, “The existing secured number services are payable and inconvenient. So I thought of using QR codes which have been wide spread since the pandemic. I can say that CUSHION can make driver’s life a level easier than before.”

In this age where a single phone number can lead to a number of many personal accounts of social media, risks for leakage and possible use for crime is higher than ever. If the driver, for example, is a woman who lives alone, exposing her phone number under the windshield where everybody can see is psychologically burdensome.

Thanks to the advent of the innovative QR solution app CUSHION, she no longer needs to worry about this.

She also does not need to worry whether the other driver downloaded the CUSHION app as the driver can contact her through the web. Until she checks the message, CUSHION keeps the alarm so that she does not miss it. What is more? You can customize the design of the QR code sticker. 

Lee says, “It is interesting to say that South Korea probably is the only country in the world that exposes personal phone number in public place. So I think we better start using QR codes instead.”

Because CUSHION is an app, updates are made on a regular basis for improved performance and functions.

“Lee adds, “It is alarming nowadays that there are people who tour parking lots to take a photo of personal phone numbers. I think that the government should role up sleeves before things get serious by taking a bolder measure such as QR code campaign as a way to protect personal information of drivers.”

As for upcoming plans, Lee set to expand the business cope to QR code-based parking pass and B2B services.

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