Korean Art Song Preservation Association spreads beauty of Korean art songs to people living today

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The Korean Art Song Preservation Association was founded in 2013 to spread Korean art songs that have breathed with us in good and bad times for a 100 years. Korean art songs are registered as N0.30 National Intangible Asset and in the Masterpieces of the Oral and Intangible Heritage of Humanity. 

The association has Youngseob Choi who wrote <Cherished Mount Geumgang> and Heejoon Jeong, President of the Songho Jihak Scholarship Foundation as honorary presidents. The scholarship foundation is famous for promoting art songs of Nanpa Hong.

The association has held 17 times of concerts for the last 5 years at the Seoul Arts Center and at the Sejong Center for the Performing Arts. Some of the notable members of the association are active and renowned vocal professors including Inhae Kim, Soyoung Yu, Jihwa Shin, Chunghwa Im, Jiheon Kim, Chunghee Kim, Mantaek Ha, Jeongwon Lee, Shinduk Kang, Geongjoon Park, Yongman Gwon and Kichang Song.

▲ Korean Art Song Preservation Association / President Jaegyu Kim

Marking the 100th birthday of Korean art songs in 2020, the association organized two big concerts followed by numerous concerts the next year themed on patriotism. The 3rd Mountains Calling Concert held at the Seoul Arts Center in particular touched many hearts of the audience. On the day, three art songs made with poems of the association president Jaegyu Kim were also sung and received an ovation. The three songs are <A Good Harvest>, <An Isolated House> and <A Seascape>. 

Korean art songs first started by Nanpa Hong’s <Bongsunhwa> - garden balsam - in 1920 where Korea was under a rule of Japan. The song was listed in the book of <A Collection of World Art Songs> in 1926. 

“Korean art songs gave us hope and encouragement when the nation was at the edge of collapse. Though they are not as popular as popular songs and trots nowadays, the spirit is still alive within us and it is our job to preserve and promote.” says Kim.

Despite the discouraging only 20 minute playing a day on a KBS radio station, the association makes itself more busy organizing concerts. The 18th regular concert is set on November 11 at the Sejong Center for the Performing Arts. 

Jaegyu Kim received Innovative Artist at the 2022 Korea Innovation Winners. <PowerKorea>

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