A nutritious Korean stone bowl rice is better than the song of many birds: Yeowon

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Most chefs might agree that the taste of a food comes from the chef’s heart and hands. There is a saying in Korea: The taste of a food comes from the touch of moms. Though dinners do not know how the food they ordered made in the kitchen and by who but they know from their eye, tongue and nose whether it is a good food. 

Yeowon, the Korean nutritious stone bowl rice restaurant

Back in the days, stone bowl rice was an exclusive cuisine of royals and nobles. This is because it takes more time and labor to prepare than normal steamed rice. With commercial restaurants everywhere on the street now, having a stone bowl of rice is as easy as having a pie while the quality and taste intact as it was in the olden days. Yeowon is a Korean nutritious stone bowl rice restaurant in Hyangchon-dong, Sacheon City, South Gyeongsang Province. Each meal is prepared nothing but fresh ingredients and the very heart and touch of the chefs in the kitchen. Coming with it is of around 10 kinds of free sides consisted of a variety of vegetables. If the nutritious stone bowl rice is the front runner, beef rip stew, ripened kimchi pork stew and pork slices are three of the back runner. The chefs start to cook the rice on the moment they receive orders while all the free sides are prepared daily. The nutritious stone bowl rice is thistle-steamed and dinners cannot help close their eyes to picture home sweet home by being enchanted by this pastoral smell. The thistle used here comes from Gangwon Province. Dinners might also be surprised that the sides are unlimited. Entering Yeowon, you will feel a rather typical Korean restaurant but it is neat and simple enough for you to enjoy a unique nutritious stone bowl rice. <PowerKorea>

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