To sky, to sea and to Sacheon The capital of nation’s aerospace industry, the place of healing and romance

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Located in southwest part of South Gyeongsang Province, Sacheon has played a role of a transport hub for a long time. The city is rich in marine products. The beautiful sceneries of coastlines attract many tourists throughout the year. More importantly, the city is where the nation’s aerospace experts are gathered and challenging their wild dream in the sky and in the space. 


The mecca of nation’s aerospace industry

The nation’s first airplane ‘Buhwalho’ was made here and successfully took off on October 1953. Around 80% of aircraft production, 70% of employees and 67% of aerospace companies and organizations are nestled in the city. The Korea Aerospace Industries, Korean Aerospace Valley, Defense Agency for Technology and Quality Sacheon, ROKAF Education & Training Command are here and a number of aerospace industrial complexes are also set to open here. The nation’s largest scale Sacheon Air Show is taken place here and T-50 supersonic aircraft are showing off their technique and spirit every year. Closed in 2020 and 2021 due to the pandemic, the event resumes this October. 

Make romantic memories in Sacheon

If you are planning or happen to visit Sacheon, you are highly recommended to see Samcheonpo Bridge which won the grand prize at the Most Beautiful Road Korea and to Samcheonpo Bridge Park which also voted as the place young couples most want to go. Silan is one of the best places to watch sunset and the Elephant Rock, cherry blossom of Sunjinrisung, royal azalea of Waryong Mountain and the mud flat of Bito Island are also a must see. If you still have a spare time, visit 1,500 years old Dasol Temple on Bongmeong Mountain, walk Sacheoneupseong and try Sacheon Cable Car. As for the local specialty, try catfish soup, swellfish soup, sea eel and smooth clam porridge. Tak a photo or two with a breathtaking scenery behind you and your family, friends or your date. <PowerKorea>


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