Thinking of having a new concept house? Why not be an early adopter of container house that is becoming a trend?

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Container Houses
Container houses are rising fast as alternative to traditional houses in South Korea. Unlike in the past, many architects today are focusing on advantages of container houses rather than on drawbacks. They point out 80% completion of a container house at the factory as one top advantage as it is then laid and assembled on the designated spot. It is called modular and it saves time, labor and cost for both the maker and the client. 

Another praiseworthy advantage is that it does not produce dusts and noises that normally ailed neighbors and passersby around the building site. What is more, it is wall cement-free and it is absolutely mobile if you want to move it from one place to other. 

A container house was first introduced by architect Jiwon Baek who built Platoon Kunstalle in Gangnam Seoul. The first floor is designed for a cultural space and the second for studios of artists. Followed by Platoon Kunstalle was Common Ground near Konkuk University Seoul also used as a cultural space. Club Octagon in Gangnam is another good example of container house. 

Meongjin Housing
Nestled in Siheung City, Meongjin Housing is a South Korean container house maker. Equipped with creative mind and rich experience, the company has built recognition in the field for customized designs and functions according to each need and want of a client from modular and temporary to toilet, guard posts and machine rooms. 

"Unlike many other container houses, CEO Mireong Lee says, our container houses are designed and built for near same solidity and firmness to traditional houses. We follow the completion standard and the materials we use boast excellent fire-resistant, erosion-resistant and noise-resistant not to mention functionality. Exterior also is enlivened with chin-nod looks at the least and choice of materials such as bricks and panels can also be applied depending on client's preference."

Container houses normally show weakness on the floor. Knowing this more than anyone else in the field, Lee makes the floor as firm as it can endure the weight of heavy machines without sinking.

Container Houses for Multipurpose
Lee brewed an idea of mobile indoor golf course and made it real with a container house. 

"The pandemic has held many people indoor. From dinning and shopping to leisure and travel, many businesses were affected. So I developed my idea of screen golf by using the most of my container house making knowledge and knowhow. One good thing about a container screen golf is that it can be moved around from one place to another when compared to a commercial building. Because it has a screen, it can also be used as a singing room and a cinema. In other words, a container screen golf is used multipurpose" says Lee.

Attention to Detail
Meongjin Housing takes every single project with utmost attention to detail. Starting from why a client needs a container house and who and how many people are using it, the company listens attentively and gives the best result possible. 

When asked future plan, Lee says "I think it is very important to prove that a container house can be trendy and cool as an independent house. As part of this, I'm currently developing ideas of a container house in a remote area where there is no power. So it must be solar energy house. When successful, it will suggest a new concept residence to the people who wish to have their own home." <PowerKorea>

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