Can’t afford a luxury fur of $10,000 at a department store? Have one at 1/5 price at Cashopgray in Sinsadong, Gangnam, Seoul!

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▲ Cashopgray / Eunjoung Yoo

[From Madam to Mademoiselle]

Shinsegae department store showed that fur sales jumped by 24.9% in the first half of 2018 from 11% in 2015 ascribing the reason to price drop and more design options to choose. Women in their 20s and 30s appeared as the main consumers by pushing aside women in their 40s or more who used to show off their affordability with an expensive fur coat. The young women also moved the place of buying a fur from luxury department stores to individual fur shops where high quality but younger look designed furs are sold at the price they can afford. If you think you are one among this new move, you might want to know about a fur shop located in Sinsadong, Gangnam District, Seoul. And the name of the shop is Cashopgray.


[Luxury But The Price!]

When it comes to fur, Cashopgray is second to none. It has supplied quality furs to a 30 year old famous fur brand which proves its capability. An ardent lover of fur herself, CEO Eunjoung Yoo was rather regretful about the unaffordable price of fur. 6 years ago, she succeeded a deal with a fur factory and started making its own branded fur with quality European mink but at rational prices by removing the intermediaries. Cashopgray shows off its own branded fur ‘Made by C’ seasonally alongside selling other fur brands in the shop. To answer the new trend of the young, Cashopgray is introducing collarless hipline furs that now have become the steady seller of the shop. They come in white, gray, brown and black, and the shapes and patterns are designed to make you look nice. If you think you are a fashionista but frugal at the same time, you might want to buy a fur at Cashopgray at a further 40% discounted price from May to September for the coming winter. 


“I strongly recommend you to come to the shop for a try because unlike any other clothes furs come sensitive to your body in terms of the weight, the feel of the texture, the design and above all the fit. You can enjoy a luxury fur similar to what is sold at a department store at 10 million won ($8,453) at around 1/4 or 1/5 of the price at Cashopgray” says Yoo. 



Cashopgray has a simple philosophy about fur: “wear it like casual like you wear jeans.” <PowerKorea>


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