Protect yourself by 99.999% from infection with I Am Prevention: GMP Holdings

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▲ GMP Holdings / CEO Mingook Choi

(PowerKorea) While many countries are preparing for with corona, the importance of self-quarantine is emerging on the surface again. South Korean government also is considering gradual lifting of restrictions on businesses and activities and it can mean that you should be more careful with your own safety measures and practices to prevent any possible infection. 

GMP Holdings is a South Korean quarantine goods company making and distributing masks, disinfectants, thermometers and GMP matt. While the thermometer COCO T-1 has built brand recognition in the market, the company attracted a great number of visitors to its booth at the Korea International Cooling Industry Expo 2021 held from July 21 to 23 at COEX, Seoul.

Alongside COCO T-1 thermometer, I Am Prevention boasts 99.999% sterilizing power by using HOCI instead of common alcohol. It is equipped with very high density spray so that you do not need to wipe. The acidity (hypochlorous acid) is similar to that of our skin and it turns into water after a certain amount of time which makes it eco-friendly. Hypochlorous acid has ability to oxidize and disinfect. 

“You do not need to add water to I Am Prevention but use it directly. It is not harmful to our skin and body as the substance is being used in the ophthalmologist and the dentist. All of our disinfectants are made inland and has excellent disinfectant effect” says Mingook Choi, CEO of GMP Holdings. 

There are many factors that can infect us without ourselves knowing. Handles, chairs and doorknobs are good examples. In fact, a whole family was infected by COVID-19 in a train last February. They remembered wearing a mask all the time but they gave less care about what they touched. Learning this case, CEO Choi launched a development of portable hand sanitizer and will soon introduce Rora. Rora also boasts 99.999% sterilizing power and use hypochlorous acid. Rora is refillable either by self-refill or subscription.

Apart from disinfectant products, GMP Holdings introduced I Am Copper Mask that eradicates germs and viruses and it is being supplied to local governments and government institutions at the moment. 

“If 2020 was the year to take a leap forward, 2021 is the year to promote internal strength. Alongside, we are working on making more social contributions in an effort to fulfil our corporate social responsibility. We are already donating part of our profits to animal activist groups and giving out free masks on a regular basis to prisons, youth detention centers, public institutions and taxi drivers” emphasized Choi.

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