Inter B.D Entertainment girl group Inter Girls arrives US this September

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Korean pop music is so popular globally. The Washington Post wrote an article titled How K-Pop Conquered The Universe and pointed out the reason as “The genre’s catchy songs, savvy use of social media and dedicated fans are a formula for global success” which many industry specialists agreed upon.

In Atlanta, US, the 2021 Inter B.D ENT Korea Festival is to be held from September 25 to 26 organized by the Korean American Association of Greater Atlanta. On the stages set up in Atlanta, Alabama and New Jersey, a Korean girl group Inter Girls, managed by Inter B.D Entertainment, is to give fantastic performances. The five members are: Yerim, Dawoon, Kyungbin, Nayoung and Jeongwon.



“We really have been looking forward to standing on the stages of the festival. We’ve practiced hard for the festival and we have grown much through it already. We are confident that we will give wows to the audience and make the name Inter Girls planted in their heads. I ask you many support” says Yerim.

“It’s been quite a long time since we joined in a festival while the pandemic is sweeping the globe. We take this as an opportunity to promote our talented girl group and Korean pop music as a whole. We hope the stages will continue the global K-Pop phenomenon” says Inter B.D Entertainment chairman Younghak Shin. 



The global fever of Korean pop is yet to prove its charm at Inter B.D ENT Korea Festival

Fandom, a subculture composed of fans characterized by a feeling of empathy and camaraderie with others who share a common interest, is one of the key players of a musician or a music band to gain recognition. It is especially the case when it comes to Korean pop often called K-Pop. Fandom has shifted to digital space as a counter attack to the virus spread and fans imitate singings and dancing of their idols and upload them on their social media to share and to show their support.

Younghak Shin, chairman of Inter B.D Entertainment, that manages the girl group Inter Girls, says “Inter Girls’ US tour is meaningful as it has been a long time we joined a K-pop dance festival since the pandemic. We take this as an opportunity to promote excellent talent and performance of Inter Girls. The performance will take place in Atlanta, Alabama and New Jersey in order.”

According to a survey, K-pop was the single most influential factor for foreigners wishing to visit South Korea. A BTS concert held before the pandemic in Jamsil Stadium Seoul, for example, gathered 130,000 fans home and abroad. If added of the visitors who visited with curiosity, the number was estimated 187,000. It is 67% of total visitors to PyeongChang 2018 which was estimated 280,000. The economic benefit was calculated around 922.9 billion won ($797 million). In this regard, Inter B.D ENT Korea Festival is but meaningful.

As part of this effort, Inter B.D Entertainment joined hands with Stars Group and is running Youtube-based two media contents productions Golden Mouth and Golden Live Show. Golden Mouth is an audition show for potential stand-up comedy stars who can deliver laugh and smile back to the people tired of the prolonged social distancing and business restriction. Inter Girls, appearing on the stage one by one, enlivened the mood of the competition with each of their talent and ability. Inter Girls also are scheduled to participate in live commerce and web dramas of Gyeonggido Corporation in a way to expand scope of activities. Below are ambition of each member of Inter Girls and the producer:

Producer Jiwon

Jiwon was the former vocalist of DIP MX and is in charge of producing and choreography of Inter Girls. Choreography is focused on unique character of each member and the popular Korean songs such as Beautiful Rivers and Mountains, and Arirang will be rearranged. “As an artist and a producer, I can now understand needs and wants of both sides. This will be a great asset for me to promote Inter Girls in a more effective way. I appreciate proactive cooperation of the members and I want to grow Inter Girls like BTS.”


Leader Yerim

Yerim is the first one to join Inter Girls. Because she was so lonely she is just happy enough to have other members now. “We have each different color and personality which makes it each charm. I’m sure we will create a harmony like rainbow most people love and cherish. We will sing 6 to 7 songs at the Inter B.D ENT Korea Festival. As the most audiences will be Koreans missing their homeland so our newly arranged songs Beautiful Rivers and Mountains, and Arirang will comfort their sorrow. We are working hard and want to give a performance without regrets. I hope Inter Girls will take the top of Billboard one day.”



I still have a lot of things to learn but I’m working really hard to give a perfect performance. We share similar ages and it helps us get together faster and firm. In fact, I started training to be in an idol group since I was a child and I couldn’t know how to express my joy when I got my position at Inter Girls. The festival will be a great opportunity for all of us to prove our talent and charm and we all are determined to give our very best.”




Being a versatile entertainer has always been her dream. Being an actor, she also challenged singing auditions many times. “My parents liked listening to music very much and it was natural for me to join the fever since a child. I’m pouring all my energy to Inter Girls. It is important not to make mistakes but it is more important to give a performance that can engage with audience. Please give us a support.”



“I’ve experienced many stages during my training period. I love standing in front of people and the festival this September will be a great stage for us. To be honest, I’m a little bit nervous standing on this huge stage but I believe I and my members will give audience what we have practiced day and night.”



“We have practiced hard and we should not make mistakes and we should enjoy our moment. We are proud to sing popular Korean songs like Beautiful Rivers and Mountains, and Arirang in our own versions and I hope audience whether Koreans or locals will love the songs. We will soon open Inter Girls official accounts to engage with our fans in earnest.”



INTERBD Entertainment会长申英鹤为了帮助韩流K-POP热潮,接连推出了实力强大的偶像组合。他提前预测道:"韩流K-POP的发展已经超越了韩流热风,将以实力更强的演员和偶像组合为中心,形成娱乐事业的发展趋势。"在这种情况下,新推出女子组合INTER GIRLS的INTERBD ENT会长申英鹤表示:"在海外K-POP热潮持续升温的时刻,此次美国巡演意义重大。特别是,这是新型冠状病毒之后简直很久再次参加的K-POP舞蹈庆典。希望这能成为在持续狂热的K-POP热潮的美国展现INTER GIRLS魅力的好契机。"女子组合INTER GIRLS计划以此次舞蹈庆典为起点,依次在亚特兰大、亚拉巴马、新泽西州举行演出。K-POP的名气越来越火热的最近。继2000年代韩流热潮之后,K-POP在世界上的响应,国内各界争先恐后地预测K-POP的成功因素和经济效果。在这种情况下,计划从9月25日开始在美国亚特兰大举行为期两天的特别的K-POP舞蹈庆典。亚特兰大韩人会主办、韩国庆典筹备委员会主办的"2021 INTERBD ENT Korea Festival"就是其中之一。虽然因为新型冠状病毒而简直很久举行的K-POP舞蹈庆典,但也是更令人高兴的消息。

目前,INTERBD ENT一方面与Starz集团合作,另一方面以进军海外为目的,作为Golden Mouth、Golden Live Show等YouTube基础的媒体内容制作公司兼有活动。特别是Golden Mouth是为了安慰随着新型冠状病毒的长期化,与家人、朋友、同事们分享快乐的日常生活中连笑容都消失的现实而策划的,为生活在Untact时代的韩国国民准备的"找回笑容大国民项目",在国内首次在线非面对面喜剧明星发掘选秀大会。INTER GIRLS还受邀参加了韩国国内首个在线喜剧选秀节目《Golden Mouth》,吸引了观众的视线。

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