Senior Model Seo Hye-jeong wins Queen at 2021 Global K-Beauty Star Model Contest

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▲ Senior Model Seo Hye-jeong


Senior model Seo Hye-jeong won Queen, the best prize, at the 2021 Global K-Beauty Star Model Contest held April 13. She is a versatile woman who has gone through various roles before being the queen of the senior beauty: the planning director of Media Park, advisor of New Senior Life, chairwoman of the Global Culture and Arts Association Senior Committee, deputy head of Model Line and head of culture and art at the International Angel Service Team. 


Also as an actress, she gave a fantastic performance in Return, the opening play of the regional theater festival hosted by the Seoul Theater Association. Although it was her debut, she proved her talent through in-depth emotional acting (her son Hun Nam also starred in the play).  

Seo grew up spending much of her time in playing piano and violin which naturally led her to major in piano at university. It was when she was 49 that she by chance walked the runway at a Mrs. Model Contest hosted by a film company and she won Good (Truth, Good and Beauty in order).

“It was a strange feeling walking on the stage. I walked for the first time in my life but I felt more freed and confident than when I played the piano. So I decided to turn the course of my life to a senior model. And I feel overwhelmed winning Queen at the 2021 Global K-Beauty Star Model Contest. My mother would be happy seeing her youngest daughter is a senior model if she is still alive” says Seo.

Seo has won numerous prizes including Korean Cultural People Awards, Global Consumer Awards and Korea Beautiful Senior Model Awards. She says that she has been greatly honored and indebted to many people including Lee Seung-ok, writer Jeong Hye-na, Rosa Dress CEO Jeong Jeong-ja and many more. 

As versatile a woman as she is, she uses a day not enough to satisfy her passion and energy spanning from acting to plying the piano and walking the runway. She makes a note whenever an idea pops in her head and recently opened her Youtube channel. 

“I’m particularly busy theses day as I have taken the role of the golden filming project for a big fashion show soon to take place. I always have dreamed of this much big scale fashion show. I’m determined to give my very best of knowledge and experience. I’m so looking forward to it.”

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