Korea Sinzisikin Association shares with people to get through COVID-19

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▲ Korea Sinzisikin Association / President Kim Jong-baek

Widely outbroke first in Wuhan, China, in December 2019, COVID-19 has shown no sign of withdrawing after almost a year. Hundreds of confirmed cases are still being reported daily globally and wearing masks has become no longer an option but a must. 

Meanwhile, various organizations rolled up sleeve to get through COVID-19 in cooperation and the Korea Sinzisikin Association is one of the roller-ups under its motto 'Better ten people made a step than a one person made ten steps'.

The association has been running finding and rewarding new intellectuals in our society regardless business sectors and backgrounds since 2006 on commission of the Ministry of the Interior and Safety. 

The association found and appointed 48 new intellectuals in the first half of the year 2020 and the total number has reached around 6,000 people whose play grounds are not only limited to South Korea but all over the world. 

President Kim Jong-baek served in the similar division during the Kim Dae-jung administration after which he launched Sinzinuri to support people and companies of interest. In recognition, he was appointed as a new intellectual in the category of small and medium businesses in 2005.

He took the steering wheel of the Korea Sinzisikin Association in 2013 and has led various projects alongside sharing information and value with society. The association formed a sisterhood with Dongdaemun Disabled Center last September and donated 1,040kg love rice, and traditional pastry made by Hanbijeun to the center. The association also donated 2,400kg love rice to the Gyeongbuk Blind Association last January.

Last August, the association signed a business agreement with the Korea Master's Association to share knowledge and to activate regional economy and to promote masters in various fields, while formed another sisterhood with Ulleung Middle School for sharing of experience and knowhow. 

The 36th new intellectual certificate awarding ceremony is set to hold December this year and president Kim is focusing the importance of ceremony on sharing information and values with the society. 

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