‘Trans human and neo nomad’ meets wood to create vibes for reconciliations and communications: an artistic conversion for a new age

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▲ Tran Human and Neo Nomad Artist Ki Ok-ran

Jane Perkins is famous for making art works with recycled materials such as buttons, toys and disposable spoons, etc. If you are a fan of him, you might find it interesting that a South Korean artist Ki Ok-ran makes art works with various materials such as metals, fabrics and abstract photographs under a theme ‘trans human and neo nomad’. She already has earned her nickname as Korean Picasso or Korean Basquiat from her exhibition held in Paris, France, February last year. 

Tran human and neo nomad is the essence of her art. She recently held an invitational exhibition themed on ‘trans human – light and man’ at Gwangju Gyerim Art Gallery from June 1 to August 31 followed by another invitational exhibition on ‘trans human – neo nomad’ at Gwangju Jinhan Art Gallery from August 1 to September 4. Vigorous and sought-after as she is, Gallery Godo Insa-dong, Seoul, also hung her works in September while yet another impending exhibition is to be held at Namseo Gallery in November.

You might find her works with a feeling for dimensional and depth as well as fantastic and dynamic. The exhibition at Jinhan Art Gallery in particular was enlivened with wood materials through beautiful yet natural curves where tree rings combined with metals and computer keyboards. Wood has become one of her latest materials for artistic expressions. For the reason, she says:

“We live in the hyper-connected society and soon we will see revolutionary changes. We live in the present where technologies are advacing year by year with fast spreading artificial intelligence but we can create something new with something past. Circles of tree rings have grown for many seasons of dramatic weather and they are presentations of time and space and of tradition and contemporary. One might find wood and metal or plastic odd but that’s the point where I want to create harmony and communications which are the very driving force of my artistic zeal and passion. There are people live in ignorance and loneliness maybe far more now than in the past. So I intend my works as means for delivering comfort, hope and dream to them.”

Ki has held more than 51 solo exhibitions home and abroad including Gwangju, Seoul, Busan, Incheon, Daegu, Jeju, Japan, Germany, US and France, and 300 group and invitational exhibitions, 6 abstract photography exhibitions, and participated in 60 international art fairs. She recently won the 2020 Korea National & Social Contribution Awards held by the Herald Group in the artist category.

“I pursue 4D and 3F and they are DNA, Digital, Design, Divinity and Feeling, Female, Fiction with which I keep hold of enlightenment, spirit of the times and the vibe. To put it simple, these elements are targeted to reach reconciliations and communications at the end of the day.” 

▲ 트랜스휴먼-나의 어린왕자 90.5x72.3cm 혼합재료 2020

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