Hotel-grade sushi? You can have it at good price at Shin Chef the God of Sushi!

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▲ Shin Chef the God of Sushi / CEO chef Shin Gwang-su

Visiting a restaurant and taking photos of the food and upload on social media has become a trend among young and middle ages in South Korea. TV show channels and Youtubers are competitively uploading new food shows weekly or even daily to attract more viewership. Not all the restaurants however are as delicious as their exaggerated ahs and ohs and thumps ups. 

Shin Chef the God of Sushi is on an ordinary street in Uijeongbu, the northeast of Seoul, and one might easily pass this little sushi restaurant as there is nothing fancy about interior and exterior like one in hotel. It has become famous for not only being exposed media number of times but also the hotel-grade quality and good price.

CEO chef Shin Gwang-su is received among those who know as a god of sushi. Started his career as a cook in early 20, he mastered Korean, Chinese and Japanese cuisines during his 40 years of experience including Korea Town and Japanese Town in LA and Hollywood for 10 years.

Back in Korea, he ran a sushi restaurant in Guri, the east of Seoul, for 3 years before opening a good value for money sushi restaurant with more seats in Uijeongbu in 2018. He hired more chefs and introduced a kiosk for un-tact order in this time of virus spread.

Shin offers 15 kinds of sushi from shrimp, salmon and halibut to eel, abalone, yellowtail, beef and assorted. Alongside, you can enjoy 22 kinds of rolls themed on tuna, kimchi, shrimp, grilled beef, squid and avocado. If you feel a need for more, try udon to wash it down or pork cutlet, hoedeopbab (raw fish rice) and mulhoe (cold raw fish soup). You might be surprised by the size of sushi which is 1.5 times bigger than many other sushi restaurants. Rolls are also huge. 

Shin wakes up 5 in the morning every day to pick the freshest ingredients possible on the day at Garak Market Seoul. This is one of the reasons the restaurant offers hotel-grade sushi and rolls. 

“I’m now thinking of starting franchise so that more people can have hotel-grade sushi at good price from where they live. Successful partners can start with as small as 23 square meter space as long as they have passion, diligence and persistence. In my grand plan, I want to grow Shin Chef the God of Sushi as a global brand with Koreanized-sushi especially in Japan, the home of sushi, and the US” says Shin.

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