SaSangsein helps companies secure government funds and loansngsein helps companies secure government funds and loans

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The job of licensed administrative agents is preparing and preceding documents regarding administration relating to, for example, government funds and loans, immigrants, land deals, pension evaluations, business contracts and supporting evidences, but except the court and the prosecution, on behalf of the client.

Why do we, especially companies, need administrative services? Because the laws, rules and regulations are changing every now and then and businessmen are too busy to catch up. So the help of licensed administrative agents come handy.

▲ Sangsein / Head Agent Yoon Suk-jun

Sangsein, a South Korean licensed administrative agent, has built presence in the field with thorough analysis on government policies and providing comprehensive services on behalf of the client.

The head agent Yoon Suk-jun has 10 years of expertise in government fund and approvals procedures for companies. “It is my specialty consulting companies for government funds and loans. Each case is different as each company has different field of business. For example, companies eligible to receive government funds and loans but they are obliviousor how to get it. This is the point I provide my professional services on behalf of them” says Yoon.

Sangseinprovides professional services for government funds and loans, business certifications, HR consulting, management assisting, which are a must for a company to grow, and many more.

Experts at Sansein are always busy looking attentively the almost all government websites to check any updates of policies, subsidies, funds and loans and bring up the right one to the right company. It is ‘policy curation service’, says Yoon.

“Information for businessmen can be vital. While they are experts at what they sell, they are often ignorant on what they can receive from the government. So it is my job to keep searching the information and provide and carry out the procedures on behalf of them.”

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