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▲ skinmiso / CEO Young Jung

A Ministry of Trade, Industry and Energy report on Sept 1 shows the export volume of cosmetics last month increased by 17.4% to 610 billion USD despite the global economic slowdown due to COVID-19. 
It tells that the virus has failed to stop people’s desire to be beautiful. Talking of beautiful, K-Beauty that has been marching forward alongside K-Pop, has a great share and it is heating up competition among domestic beauty brands big or small. The latter in particular has made rapid progress with expertise and creative marketing. And outstanding still among them is skinmiso specialized in pores. 
“Years of research have taught us the importance of pore care to make skin healthy and sparkly. We realized that healthy skin comes from pores and we have focused our full force on development of pore management products currently in 12 lines” says CEO Young Jung.
skinmiso’s skin solutions remove dead skin cell and extra sebum and give balanced moisture and necessary nutrients such as extracts of green tea, agar-agar, marine plants and fruits applied with crystalzom tech.

pore corset serum
skinmiso’s pore corset serum especially is excellent in tightening loosened pores and water-oil balance and it is a hot seller among the similar lines on Amazon. The before-after use image at 1,000 times zoom-in shows clearly the difference. 
“The test proved pored skin reduced by 42.7%. I think customers know this excellence and it is no wonder that it has been one of the best sellers for years now.”

spot repairing serum
Spot repairing serum is another hot seller of skinmiso. This skin trouble patch improves swarthy part of the skin by forming a spot protection membrane which supplies active ingredients and prevents skin from noxious environment. It is especially popular among teens and 20s who feel devastated by pimples. 
pore zero night cream
Pore zero night cream is a daily care and keeps tightening pores during sleep. It also helps spread wrinkles and whiten the skin. It can alter sleep mask pack when putting it thick. 

grease eraser
Some people have way too much grease on their face especially the rounded sides of the nose. Thus introduced by skinmiso was grease eraser. The porosity powder absorbs grease and keeps the skin soft, smooth and moisty 24/7. It can be used before or after make-up.

pure vitamin-c
A coming soon is pure vitamin-c in three lines in one box: toner, serum and cream. It contains 13.5% pure vitamin tree extract instead of using purified water in order to increase the amount of vitamin. Also instead of vitamin c derivatives, it used ascorbic acid to enhance whitening. 
Sold in Selfridges, Sephora, Watson, Skin Garden and Mannings
skinmiso cosmetics are sold at Selfridges London UK, Sephora Spain, Watson Singapore, Skin Garden Japan, Mannings Hongkong and LOHB’s in South Korea.

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