If you are a woman living alone, pay attention to Papa Love!

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▲ Papa Love / CEO Kihong Kim

Violence against women is constantly reported on media and the types of offences are becoming more intelligent. Women living alone especially are the targets of many offenders as online order and delivery is common nowadays. And this is closely related to increasing number of single households. 

It is not easy for a woman living alone to open a door to receive the food or product she ordered from the delivery man who mostly are men. Seoul Metropolitan City is running ‘Safe Delivery for Women’ program but not many women know it or use it. According to Statistics Korea, 29.3% are single households and the number is 5.85 million of which 50.3%, around 3 million, are women. 

Papa Love is a company that makes safety door for delivery. Papa Love is installed on the door to receive a product without opening the door. The person outside cannot open the door. It is designed simply but with strong durability and convenience functions. It is made of ABS special material and the analogue operation system reduced almost zero repair or maintenance. 

Papa Love passed the fireproof test (kbf2268-1) and the fire-resistance test (kbf2846) and it is also soundproof. Everybody can easily install Papa Love as it is light and simply designed. 

According to the Ministry of Gender Equality and Family, around 30,000 cases of crimes targeted to single households occur every year. Kihong Kim, CEO of Papa Love, brought up the idea of this safe delivery receiver when he was looking for a studio for her university student daughter in Seoul. He was shocked by the fact that most studio plats are not safe. 

The innovation of Papa Love was well recognized by winning the runner-up prize at a startup competition held by North Gyeongsang Province and it was before the safe device was mass produced. Thanks to the winning the prize, retailers with keen eye are already asking for orders in advance. 

“Papa Love is designed especially for women living alone. I hope this safety delivery receiver will make their life safe and easy.”


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