Amitie wins Art Education at 2024 Innovation Winner

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Experts say that children should pay attention to art in order to develop broader thinking skills and brains. Art develops creativity and imagination and helps with emotional expression, cognitive development, learning ability, and concentration. 


Amitie leads trend art education

Amitie, an art hagwon (for-profit educational institution) aims for creative education in the elementary school curriculum and provides art education that combines science and humanities. It educates children to develop their own senses and skills and helps them to find their own originality and individuality and express themselves. “We use the name ‘gallery’ instead of art hagwon because our goal is to make sure that all children are artists and that they can express themselves creatively” says Gabin Jo, Director of Amitie. Each month, Amitie teaches children through a creative and effective art education program that Jo has researched and developed.

She says this as Trend Art because it reflects the trend now. Trend art uses a variety of situations, videos, photographs, audio-visual materials, and literature to motivate children and encourage them to imagine and think for themselves. This allows them to observe and explore the necessary materials in the process of materializing their ideas, and through this process, the children’s ideas become more concrete and they can effectively implement their ideas. This is a way to think about how to visually shape the drawings drawn by the children and induce them to become works that can effectively show their individuality rather than conventional formative works through various methods.


Winning Art Education at 2024 Innovation Winner, Amitie boasts its excellent docent program

The most distinguishing element of Amitie is the docent art education. The word docent comes from the Latin word ‘docere’, which means ‘to teach’, and is a person who explains the exhibition of paintings or works. Docents were introduced in Korea in 1995 and guide visitors in museums and galleries and explain exhibitions, artworks, and paintings. In recent years, there has been an increase in the number of general actors who are not curators as docents. Amitie’s docent training is all about getting hands-on experience with these docents. Children become artists and have time to present their works to others, or study other works and explain them to others to improve their understanding and knowledge of the works. Dost education not only allows students to acquire knowledge about artists and their works, but also broadens their perspectives on works and paintings, and improves their presentation, self-confidence, vocabulary, and communication skills through the process of expressing one’s feelings and thoughts with knowledge of the works. The docent program was researched and developed by Amitie and has a patent pending. In fact, Amitie develops its own curriculum and teaching materials for all classes. “We are constantly researching and developing so that children can effectively acquire design, crafts, and docents, as well as various humanities and artistic knowledge” says Jo. Amitie also engages in designing art ad products, seminars and lectures time to time. With its proven excellence in art education, Amitie won Art Education at the 2024 Innovation Winner.

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