Miju wins Elementary Education at 2024 Innovation Winner

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Nestled in Busan, Miju Hagwon (a for-profit private educational school) has improved academic performance of students in Korean, English, math, social studies and science as well as in student record. Miju focuses on students get good grades in multiple subjects rather than focuses on English and math like other schools. The staff help students with how to be motivated, their pros and cons, and how to raise overall academic performance and student record. “Miju has been in business in the same neighborhood for a long time and has been with the students during their childhood, so we have a lot of memories and trust with them. It’s rewarding to see them grow up and become adults and part of society. The most rewarding part, however, is when we are able to give direction to them who are struggling because they don’t know how to study, and they develop study habits and feel fulfilled in their studies” says Haekeong Kang, Director of Miju Hagwon. 


Engage, grow and develop!

Kang and the staff value attitude of students more than their academic performance. This is because good grades often come from a good attitude. Staff members regularly communicate with students to find out what’s going on, listen to their concerns, and offer support and encouragement to help them get through puberty. “Many of our students start in elementary school and stay through middle school and high school, so once we make a connection, parents trust us and entrust us with their children. The students follow the curriculum well, and they make many memories with their teachers and the friends they study with” says Kang. Recognized for its excellence, Miju won Elementary Education at the 2024 Innovation Winner.

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