HSENG’s years of experience and technology in semiconductor CCSS automation system sets it apart from other companies!

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The device that supplies the chemicals needed for the semiconductor manufacturing process is called the Central Chemical Supply System (CCSS). The CCSS is responsible for the entire process of mixing chemicals, reliably supplying them to the production line, and disposing of them. CCSS requires proven technology and an infrastructure of engineers to ensure the reliability, precise operation, and ongoing maintenance of the storage of toxic chemicals. Located in Geumcheon District, Siheung City, HSENG is engaged in the installation of integrated automation systems for semiconductor CCSS units, PLC system installation, touch panel and switchboard manufacturing, leakage monitoring systems, and programming. 


Years of experience and knowhow in CCSS!

“I started working in the semiconductor industry as part-time in 1994 when I was in college. I joined a company in 2002 and have worked in semiconductor chemical equipment for over 20 years. I know a lot about CCSS equipment in semiconductor factories and I have know-how about setup. I work meticulously on program composition so that there will no maintenance work necessary” says Hyounjong Choi, CEO of HSENG. The company, which is leading the semiconductor CCSS automation system field, received venture business certification and corporate research institute certification in 2023, and also received certification as an excellent technology evaluation company from the NICE. “Our main job is to set up automation programs to control and monitor the CCSS semiconductor chemical equipment. For semiconductor chemical equipment, safety is of utmost importance. The chemicals are highly toxic and hazardous, and the risk of accidents is high. Our customers have high quality requirements, but we also have to install to their exacting specifications, as well as provide suggestions for details that their personnel might miss. We’re not just installing a device willy-nilly, we’re pointing them in the direction of programmatic solutions to reduce costs” says Choi. HSENG is very responsible for maintenance and aftercare, and the staff members are long-time CCSS veterans.


Beyond Korea!

“The Semiconductor CCSS is a specialized area. There are only a limited number of experts who can handle it. Even though the semiconductor market is not doing well right now, we are going to expand beyond Korea to overseas, including China, with our long experience and know-how” says Choi and adds “In business, people are more important than anything else. It opens up avenues for people to pass on skills and learn. I allow my employees to study at an online university if they want to, and if they go elsewhere, they are recognized for being from HSENG. I strive to create employees that I can trust to do anything.”

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