CITUS makes strong presence in ESS consulting and EMS/PMS R&D

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▲ CITUS / CEO Dongkuk Tak

An energy storage system (ESS) is a system that stores electricity generated by surplus power or renewable energy generation during the night in batteries and delivers it when power is needed. The ESS consists of a battery management system (BMS), power conversion system (PCS), energy management system (EMS), and power management system (PMS). ESS is an integral part of the global energy transition toward carbon neutrality. However, the recent ESS fires have caused a downturn, and governments are taking the lead in public ESS projects. Located in Suwon, Gyeonggi-do, CITUS is an EMS/PMS research and development company that provides solutions for ESS planning, construction, and operation with differentiated technology.


Down to earth ESS solutions

Founded in 2018, CITUS provides ESS construction feasibility studies, business model development, consulting, optimal system design, and consortium formation to build a complete ESS center, and provides real-time monitoring and regular safety diagnosis and management services through EMS. K-PESS ONE, the company’s integrated EMS, collects, stores, and manages various information required for ESS system operation, and performs various PCS and battery charge/discharge control functions for the purpose of operating ESS facilities. It also provides operational performance information, fault and alarm status, and system status information for user convenience. The company is developing cost-effective customized algorithms, including integrated power generation ESS optimal charging and discharging algorithms, loss costs due to performance degradation, maintenance cost analysis, and optimal operation and maintenance algorithms for individual power plants and business units. The company’s “battery data real-time monitoring, diagnosis, and life prediction technology” is expected to prevent battery fires and extend battery life through charge and discharge operations that take into account deterioration conditions.


Undertaking a KEPCO ESS project with excellent technology

CITUS is participating with Hyundai Electric, a power equipment energy solution affiliate of Hyundai Heavy Industries Group, in the Shinnamwon 336MW large-scale ESS project, the largest of the five ESS construction project sites for grid stabilization ordered by KEPCO in 2023. “Unlike ESS operated by private companies, KEPCO must operate the national power grid stably, so the formulation and monitoring concept itself are different. In order to participate in this project, you must go through rigorous technical verification, and the barrier to entry is high as other companies cannot easily do this” explains CEO Dongkuk Tak. The company also participated in the installation of KEPCO’s FR 50-megawatt ESS site in Jeju Island in 2021 and successfully completed the mission. “KEPCO’s business requires technology that controls voltage and frequency precisely for its purpose. We have the technology to not only control power, but also to diagnose and predict battery anomalies” emphasizes Tak. An engineer by profession, he started developing ESS solutions in 2012 when he joined the smart grid business and has been involved in the construction of more than 100 ESS centers since 2016. “The problem with ESS is that they have a high fire risk and are difficult to extinguish in the event of a fire. We know the batteries well and have the technology to recognize anomalies. So far, none of the ESS sites I’ve built have caught fire” says Tak with pride. In addition to the ESS business, the company is developing disaster safety management solutions for public safety.

“We have developed a disaster-resistant power bank that can signal a dangerous situation at home or in any external environment and provide power for a long time. We also offer a battery diagnostic solution (fire protection technology through battery thermal management techniques) that ensures the battery can be used safely for a long time due to the fireproof nature of lithium batteries. We are also developing contactless streetlights that can be powered wirelessly to prevent electrocution in the event of flooding. We will strive to become a company that contributes to society by developing core technologies that others cannot solve” says Tak.

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