Experience ‘National Academy of Sports Medicine’ customized training with the best equipment and facilities!

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▲ Hegemony Gym / CEO Sangho Kim

Nestled near Seoul National University Station, Hegemony Gym offers gym-goers National Academy of Sports Medicine customized training with the best equipment and facilities. While so many gyms out there, Hegemony makes its difference with outstanding training programs, highly experienced staff and best equipment and facilities. “Around 100 gyms are running near the station so we must be unique in order to compete with them. That’s where the title hegemony came from” says Hegemony Gym CEO Sangho Kim. The National Academy of Sports Medicine is an American fitness training provider founded in 1987 and is one of the most influential organizations in sports medicine, both nationally and internationally. It is a well-established and respected organization that annually produces outstanding sports medicine leaders and awards nationally recognized certifications. Since everyone’s body and goals are different, each member receives individualized counseling on how to use the various machines and what exercises are appropriate for HMS. The trainers also help members develop the habit of exercising on their own while recognizing the correct posture and muscles.


Safety first!

Hegemony Gym takes safety seriously. It doesn’t set the bar too high, suggesting moderate workouts to keep you from hurting yourself. “For example, if you do resistance training with an out-of-shape body, other parts of your body will compensate, causing you to become even more out-of-shape and at risk for injury” explains Kim. All trainers, including Kim, are CPR certified and always inform members about safety before starting a session. “The most frequent and dangerous accidents are on the treadmills. That’s why we put a stepmill and a MyMountain on the cardio machine, so you can always grab it with your hands” emphasizes Kim.


Equipment and facilities!

Kim is a holder of various certifications including ones from the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism, and National Academy of Sports Medicine including NASM OPTIMA Corrective Exercise, TRX Suspension Training Course, TRX Yoga Foundations, and WTPA. Trainers analyze members’ fitness, strength, body type, and lifestyle to give advice on workout routines and eating habits. Hegemony Gym has hotel-style interiors with eco-friendly, high-end materials, private showers, and high-end diffusers and fragrances to keep members comfortable while working out. They also have more than twice as many machines and props as other gyms, including six lower body machines and five upper body machines. “Hegemony Gym provides optimal conditions and the best training for every member to ensure that every minute of their workout is not wasted.”

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