ITE detects and prevents electrical accidents at the source!

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ITE is a company that develops and provides disaster safety products that predict, diagnose, detect, prepare for, respond to, and recover from electrical accidents. The products developed by the company are implemented to automatically detect and control electrical faults at all times, including accidents caused by electrical faults that were previously undetectable and connection failures that caused fires, electric shocks, and equipment burnout.

These controls include blocking, alarming, and restoring, and in particular, they help maintain normal voltage by detecting leakage currents and alarming when live conductors or load equipment are flooded, leaked, or grounded due to damage or aging of electrical equipment. “Electrical accidents occur every year, such as leakage of submersible motors in bathhouses and flooding of distribution boards that supply power to drain pumps during river flooding, leading to loss of life and property damage. That’s why I developed products to reduce the risk of electrical accidents” says Intae Kim, CEO of ITE. The company’s products prevent electric shocks even when touching live wires, eliminate the risk of electrical fires due to leakage currents such as ground faults and leakage, and do not interrupt power supply even when wires are broken or damaged. 


Advanced detection and prevention technologies

ITE’s products are equipped with new technologies such as leakage current limitation and alarm technology when electrical equipment is flooded in an ungrounded system (low-voltage single system), leakage current limit in an ungrounded system, and electrical disaster (phase loss, short circuit) detection and recovery alarm device. . These products have been certified and are equipped with a leakage current limiting function, an electric shock prevention function, an electrical fire prevention function, faulty line detection and alarm, a blocking function, and a safe power supply function through power outage accident prevention. In the case of leakage current, when current flows through the ground due to ground fault, electric leakage, or thermal deterioration, the leakage current is limited to 5mA or less and detected to prevent electrical accidents such as electric shock, fire, or power outage in advance. The products detect a decrease in the total resistance of the line to 50KΩ or 100KΩ, etc. by a set value of the leakage current flowing through the ground. They also detect faults, breaks, increased resistance, poor connection, and abnormal voltage inflow, and then restore the normal phase to prevent electrical accidents. They have the ability to correct imbalances in voltage and current to bring them back to equilibrium. Even if the human body is in direct or indirect contact with the charging part, the leakage current flowing through the human body is limited to 5mA or less to prevent accidents due to contact. These functions prevent arcing or electric shock from occurring in the first place and detect faults at the same time.

ITE’s technologies can be useful in swimming pools, water parks, and bathroom kitchens, where access to water can lead to electrocution, and in almost any location where electrical safety incidents are a concern, including streetlights, traffic lights, and billboards, where heavy summer rains can cause ground faults and leaks. “Currently, IT power supplies for medical facilities are completely dependent on overseas companies for supply. Therefore, we are preparing to procure products that can protect the lives and safety of workers by applying our new disaster safety technology and improving the shortcomings of overseas companies’ power supplies. We will continue to make unremitting efforts to ensure that our new technologies are widely known around the world and that Korea is recognized as a technologically advanced country” says Kim.

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