Midas Door writes a new history in advanced fire door design and installation

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Launched in 2012, Midas Door has been loved by customers for its stylish and sensible doors and flawless window installations, and has been maintaining its tradition and trust for over a decade. CEO Eunjeong Lim is an expert in the field of fire doors with many years of experience and know-how. “I’ve been in the business for over 20 years and have been able to build a steadily growing company that always stays focused, stays true to the basics, and delivers flawless construction” says Lim. With a lack of female CEOs in the industry, the company’s range of door products are both modern and traditional with a touch of sophistication and originality that capitalizes on a woman’s sense of interior design and aesthetics. 


Recognized for technical excellence

The company has established a dedicated research department and an affiliated research institute, and as a company specializing in fire doors, it continues its craftsmanship through design, product registration and application. “We are grateful that so many customers trust us. We will continue to take ownership and responsibility and be a good partner to our customers” says Lim. 


Defect-free construction and installation

Midas Door’s experts hold national technical certificates in the relevant fields and manage and supervise all work to ensure that there are no construction defects. “There are not many companies where the construction and management are carried out by the supervisors and technicians on site. Our experts are meticulous in their work, and our professional system ensures flawless construction. Craftsmanship, ownership, and responsibility are key to creating a company that both you and your customers can be happy with. Our professionals are well respected and growing in the industry. We are committed to building our company to be the best in the industry” says Lim.

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