Bio C&C, a company that turned livestock manure into gold nuggets, awarded the 2024 Korea Innovation Winner for eco-friendly, carbon-neutral ESG management

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▲ Bio C&C / CEO Changsup Kim

Biochar, a portmanteau of biomass and charcoal, is a high-carbon solid made by pyrolyzing biomass in an oxygen-free environment. It is an eco-friendly carbon material produced by carbonizing biomass at temperatures between 350°C and 700°C, and any biomass can be used as a raw material for a variety of applications. It has the effect of reducing carbon by 1.8 tons per ton for wood biochar and 2 to 2.5 tons for animal manure biochar. It also improves salt accumulation and soil acidity, and prevents crop failure. Bio-cha can be used to adsorb heavy metals, boost animal immunity and digestion, and has industrial, architectural, waste treatment, and pollution prevention applications. The Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs announced the implementation of a policy to convert 8.5 million tons of livestock waste into biochar and solid fuel from 2022 to 2030. The government’s 2030 roadmap for achieving carbon neutrality includes a project to support biochar, and a demonstration project is underway to support local governments in recycling livestock manure. 


ESG-driven livestock manure biochar company

Bio C&C is a carbon-specialized ESG company that implements CCUS through biomass carbonization using a cutting-edge waste treatment system that has been verified and commercialized at home and abroad. The company has the world’s only technology and know-how to dry and carbonize high-moisture, clay-like livestock manure to produce and sell biochar materials and finished functional fertilizer products. Biochar is typically produced at temperatures between 350°C and 700°C. At lower temperatures, microbial decomposition is easier and carbon is not sequestered properly, and at higher temperatures, yields are lower and the pH is higher, making it unsuitable for agricultural use. In addition, when oxygen is introduced during the production of biochar, a large amount of carbon dioxide is generated, which reduces the yield and emits greenhouse gases, so manufacturing facilities are severely limited. Bio C&C is equipped with various key technologies to produce biochar more efficiently and environmentally, one of which is complex microbial culture and pretreatment technology.

This is a pre-treatment technology that reduces the moisture content of livestock manure by up to 35%. It uses microorganisms that reduce odor and about 300 complex microorganisms that promote crop growth. This kind of livestock manure drying is the world’s only complex microbial pretreatment. This technology is characterized by the fusion of different technologies such as dryers, livestock waste carbonizers, and livestock waste ferret boilers. This can produce biochar by drying and carbonizing livestock waste with 80% water content. The biochar produced in this way is a product that meets South Korea, US and EU fertilizer process standards.


Zero fuel cost for biochar production

Bio C&C has succeeded in realizing zero fuel cost for biochar production. The company has developed the world’s only energy-saving technology that recycles biomass solid fuel pellets, biogas and waste heat from pyrolysis into its own heat source energy and recycles 100% of condensate. Conventional biochar needs to be carbonized at high temperatures, which consumes energy costs in addition to production costs. However, the hybrid carbonizer with Bio C&C’s convergence technology saves energy by fueling the pyrolysis organic gas itself and adjusts the carbonization time through continuous carbonization. This is an oxygen-free operation and does not produce dioxins, even if vinyl chloride is present. Oxygen-free methods have the advantage of keeping facilities safe from explosions, and they are also characterized by low absolute emissions and easy environmental pollution prevention and management. The facility is made of special corrosion and wear-resistant materials and has a simple process structure that has proven to be highly durable. It is produced in a way that meets global standards. The company’s technology of pulse dryer, pulse carbonizer, and pulse pellet boiler enables zero fuel cost, no wastewater and odor, and virtually no dioxins, nox, or SOx. This is achieved through the use of the pulse dryer, pulse carbonizer, and pulse pellet boiler, with zero fuel costs, no wastewater, no odors, and virtually no dioxins, nox, or SOx. The company validated the continuous automation system, vertical structure, ease of operation and maintenance, and operational efficiency. The production yield is 20-25%, which is higher than that of other companies. The quality is also uniform as it uses a cyclone spraying method with a special rotary blade to dry and carbonize the axial powder thin film. In particular, it can act as a functional product that is differentiated from other biochar because it is pretreated with complex microorganisms and calcium bentonite.


Winning 2024 Korea Innovation Winner

Bio C&C’s livestock manure biochar is a better carbon material for agricultural use than conventional wood-based biochar because it retains the nutrients N-P-K from livestock manure, as well as magnesium and calcium, which are essential trace elements for crop growth, even when thermally decomposed. All of the company’s products are the world’s only functional animal feed biochar, with more than 300 of the world’s most abundant strains of crop-enhancing complex microorganisms that remain alive in the pre-treatment state even when thermally decomposed at temperatures up to and including 400°C, increasing crop productivity. It is a pure biochar product with uniform quality without odor, wastewater, and gas generation, and is suitable as a substitute for imported fermented biochar. Bio C&C’s livestock manure biochar can be widely used for agricultural and livestock purposes such as soil conditioners and feed additives, as well as industrial materials such as activated carbon substitutes and cathode materials, and construction materials such as cement mortar additives and exterior materials. The company has the ability to source and localize advanced application manufacturing technologies and, in particular, possesses optimal process technology specialized for livestock manure biochar. With these capabilities, the company has developed and patented a variety of biochar applications and launched new products utilizing different biomass. The company has a wide range of products, including mixed organic biochar, three types of compound fertilizer biochar for multi-purpose use, functional biochar that can replace expensive imported fermented biochar, soil amendments for special soils such as reclaimed and cleared land, and products for growing environments with special conditions such as fruit trees, houseplants, and lawns. For this achievement, Bio C&C won ESG Management at the 2024 Korea Innovation Winner. 

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