Surrounded by beautiful nature, Gapyeong Fermata is a perfect place to sit back and relax

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50km apart from Seoul, Gapyeong is one of the most visited resting places around the capital. Lakes, valleys, forests, rivers, mountains and islands are there with numerous tourist attractions and art galleries, and an observatory and a sledding hill. Naturally, there are many rental houses across the country. Gapyeong-gun is a mountainous area where the Hongcheon River joins the Bukhan River and flows in a southwest direction. To the north, Hwaaksan Mountain, the highest peak of the Baekdudaegan Mountain Range, becomes the main mountain and includes Chotdaebong Peak, Maebong Peak, Gukmangbong Peak, Gangsibong Peak, Myeongjisan Mountain, Sudeoksan Mountain, and Gyegwansan Mountain, forming a majestic vein with large and small peaks at 700 to 800 meters above sea level.

It has beautiful nature, representing the eight scenic spots of Gapyeong, including Cheongpyeong Lake, Homyeong Lake, Yongchu Valley, Myeongji Maple, Jeokmok Yongso, Unak Manggyeong, Chukryeong Baekrim, and Yumyeong Nonggye. Utilizing these natural scenery, you can enjoy the Myeongji Mountain Cloud Bridge and Gapyeong Bridge Zipline. , Cheongpyeong Ferry, Gapyeong Sheep Ranch, National Yumyeongsan Natural Recreation Forest, and Jaraseom Namdo Island are equipped with various natural tourist attractions.


Gapyeong Fermata accommodates up to 150 persons

Gapyeong Fermata is a perfect place for group events. The 60 rooms can accommodate 150 persons and there are rooms for seminar, lecture, meeting, party, laundry, singing and screen golf. Parasols are here and there outside and you can enjoy swimming at an outdoor swimming pool. Walking trails are there for you to stroll in a relaxed pace and a stream meanders down on your side as you walk. You can challenge the peak if you fee like it to have a birdeye view of the surroundings.

If you follow the valley, you can climb Noksubong Peak, and nearby Gitdaebong Peak, Cheongwusan Mountain, Bulgisan Mountain, and Daegeumsan Mountain are connected by ridges. If you cross National Highway 37, there is the Garden of Morning Calm, where you can enjoy nature even more. Gapyeong Fermata is a beautiful place and is the best place for various events and gatherings.

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