Pioneering a New Paradigm in Traffic Safety with Sight Distance A Smart Traffic Alert Solution for People

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- A Horizontal Link Between People and Roads: ITS Bank Co., Ltd. Proving Exceptional Performance, All Products Registered as Excellent and Innovative Products


According to the ‘2023 Traffic Accident Statistics’ released by the National Police Agency, last year’s traffic accident fatalities were 2,551, a 6.7% decrease from the previous year’s 2,735—the lowest number since records began in 1970. Fatalities peaked at 13,429 in 1991 due to a surge in registered vehicles but have been declining annually since the 2010s. Notably, fatalities dropped from 5,092 in 2013 to nearly half within ten years, primarily due to smart traffic systems, despite stricter drunk driving penalties and more speed cameras. However, nearly 200,000 traffic accidents still occur annually, resulting in over 2,500 deaths and tens of thousands of injuries. Post-pandemic, the slight increase in accidents calls for increased vigilance. Amidst this, a domestic company developing various smart traffic systems and providing them to traffic safety blind spots nationwide is drawing significant attention. Our publication has conducted an in-depth interview with the protagonist, ITS Bank Co., Ltd. (CEO Jong-seon Lee).


Continuously Researching Human-Like Traffic Safety Systems, Creating New Innovations: ITS Bank Co., Ltd.

Intersection Alert: Ensuring Safety for Pedestrians and Drivers in Non-signalized Intersections

Established in 2001, ITS Bank Co., Ltd. (CEO Jong-seon Lee) continuously researches and develops unique human-like traffic safety systems.Rather than focusing on flashy, expert-centric solutions, the company creates user-centered innovations that address real-world needs. CEO Lee emphasizes, “Just because something is not mandated by law doesn’t mean it’s unnecessary. If something is necessary in everyday life, it is common sense, and someone must solve that problem to benefit our community.”

ITS Bank Co., Ltd. develops intelligent road safety solutions for residential streets, school zones, senior zones, hazardous roads, and industrial sites. Their flagship product, the ‘Intersection Alert,’ prevents collisions at non-signalized intersections. This system democratizes the advanced collision prevention features(ADAS) of high-end unmanned autonomous vehicles(ADAS), making them accessible to the general public. Unlike vehicle-centered ADAS, Intersection Alert benefits both drivers and pedestrians.

The system uses talking LED signs, ground warning lights, and smartphone notifications to alert users. IoT mirrors provide information on approaching vehicles from blind spots, and ground warning lights indicate the presence of an Non-signalized intersection. This setup helps pedestrians and drivers intuitively access intersection information, preventing accidents. Known as the “collision prevention navigator,” this product is installed across South Korea, including in Seoul, Daejeon, Daegu, Busan, Gyeonggi, Gyeongsangbuk, Gyeongsangnam, Jeju, Jeonnam, and Baekryeong Island, enhancing community safety.


Smart Crosswalk Alert: 24/7 Pedestrian Guardian

Ensuring Safety for Pedestrians and Drivers at Non-signalized Crosswalks

The ‘Smart Crosswalk Alert’ by ITS Bank Co., Ltd. is designed for non-signalized crosswalks, using vehicle and pedestrian notification boards, ground lights, intelligent voice alerts, and smartphone notifications. This system enhances pedestrian visibility, prompts driver deceleration, and prevents collisions, addressing the high risk at crosswalks, particularly for the elderly. As Korea has entered a super-aged society, issues like wandering dementia patients and traffic accidents involving elderly drivers are becoming significant social problems. A 2021 survey by the Korea Transportation Safety Authority revealed only 1.4% of drivers stop for pedestrians at unsignalized crosswalks, underscoring the need for increased driver awareness and caution in these areas.

Standard traffic systems primarily focus on vehicles and healthy individuals, but ITS Bank’s solution prioritizes real-time pedestrian notifications. Installed in areas like Gangwon-do and expanding to Seoul, Seogwipo, Jeju, Gimhae, Ham’an, Sangju, and Sejong, the Smart Crosswalk Alert has proven effective in durability, stability, and accident reduction.

CEO Jong-seon Lee highlighted the importance of ground-level displays for safety information, citing data from San Jose State University that showed a 3:7 effectiveness ratio between overhead traffic signals and ground-level warning lights. He emphasized the need for systems that align with human behavior, stating, “It’s common sense. Ignoring common sense and relying solely on technology and standardization would lead to ineffective solutions.” Lee also mentioned a similar successful initiative in Ulsan, where facilities were installed at the height of children, resulting in positive outcomes.


Right-of-way management system: Resolving Conflicts on Narrow Roads

The ‘Right-of-way management system’ by ITS Bank Co., Ltd. addresses traffic issues on narrow roads where two-way traffic is challenging. It guides the first-arriving vehicle to enter and instructs the approaching vehicle to wait, providing waiting time information to resolve daily inconveniences. This system is in operationl in areas such as Segokcheon in Gangnam-gu, Sadang-dong in Dongjak-gu, Sunrise Road in Seo-gu, Busan, and the Byeokgok-dong underpass.

Pedestrian alert systems are often neglected in traffic engineering. CEO Jong-seon Lee highlighted the importance of the Road Traffic Act and the Act on the Promotion of the Convenience of Persons with Disabilities in Using Transportation, which ensures safe and convenient road use for everyone. He emphasized that addressing inequality is fundamental to the nation’s well-being.


To and From School Alert System: Insuring the safety of commuting children by prompting attention

The “To and From School Alert System” by ITS Bank Co., Ltd. enhances children’s safety during school commutes by prompting drivers to pay attention. During school commute times, the system displays images of children running, flashing lights, and the commute schedule. It also shows current driving speed, encouraging driver caution.

Schools can input class schedules via an IoT platform, and the system collects data on vehicle speed and traffic volume, transmitting it to the traffic information center. Multiple units along the route are wirelessly connected to operate uniformly.

Designed to reflect drivers’ psychological responses, this system improves pedestrian safety and provides data for future infrastructure planning. While school entrances are often well-protected, commute routes lack sufficient safety measures. In a survey in Uijeongbu City, the system was rated highest by parents for its effectiveness, intimacy, and sustainability compared to other safety devices.


▲ ITSBANK / Representative Employee Jeongsun Lee

Excellence and Innovation in All Products “Our goal is to create a society where all citizens have equal and safe access to transportation services.”

ITS Bank Co., Ltd. offers innovative solutions to enhance transportation safety. 

Their IoT reflector device provides real-time vehicle information around building, ideal for industrial areas with frequent large vehicle traffic. This device, along with others like the Risk Road Notifier for sharp curves and safety support devices for village park entrances, addresses specific safety needs in response to demands from local government officials and market needs, previously unseen in the industry.

Recognized for their excellent performance, ITS Bank’s products such as the ‘Intersection Alert’ and ‘Smart Crosswalk Alert’ are certified as pilot purchase items. The ‘Village Park Safety Keeper,’ ‘Smart Lane Management System,’ and ‘Deceleration Inducer Alert’ are registered as innovative products. These solutions significantly contribute to a people-centered urban environment, enhancing safety for vulnerable groups like children and the elderly through AI and IoT technologies.


Dramatic Reduction in Traffic Accidents and Plans for Overseas Expansion

ITS Bank Co., Ltd. continues to introduce innovative traffic safety solutions previously unseen in the market, widely recognized for its achievements. The company received the Minister of Land, Infrastructure, and Transport Award in the smart city traffic safety sector in 2017, gold medals at the Seoul International Invention Fair and Geneva International Invention Exhibition, a commendation from Seoul Special City, and an excellence award in the 2016 Smart City Service Contest. Notably, applying several ITS Bank solutions in Mungyeong led to a 75% reduction in traffic fatalities. The ‘Smart Safety Village’ project, implemented in cooperation with Dongjak-gu, Seoul, received tremendous praise from residents, becoming a model success story.

Recently, ITS Bank’s solutions have garnered significant interest from overseas. Some products have already been exported to Vietnam, and the company plans to actively develop overseas markets, starting with Southeast Asia, including Indonesia.

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