Poet Artist Bosun Kim

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Bosun Kim, a poet artist, has had a lot going on in the first half of the year. She introduced her new works at the 2024 World Art Expo, held a solo exhibition, and published a book of poetry. Most recently, she was invited to hang her works at the Meta Canvas Gallery last month. The gallery runs a system that those who buy her work would be paid share of the profit monthly. 


The exhibition

She hung most of her large works at the Meta Canvas Gallery. The works are a combination of the non-figurative and hologram method. “I like the larger works because they have more space to express and tell a story. I wanted to bring a warm spring to Gangnam with this exhibition, ‘The Beginning of the Season’. Among the many colors, green is my favorite color and I used it as the main color. I am very satisfied with the exhibition.” said Kim. Before she sets to work, she meditates to feel her inner mind and the people she meets in life. She then delivers the feeling into work non-figuratively. In other words, she elevates stories of life to strong energies. She freely uses stone powder and her unique hologram method to create a work in beautiful colors. “I think a painting can give us solace and peace. So the ideas and materials and methods I use for my painting targets to reach this purpose.” said Kim. Those who have appreciated her works might say that her works deliver a strong impression, variety, warmth and solace, all of them are balanced mixed.


The paintings that touch our heart

Meta Canvas Gallery curator Hyanghee Oh said “I focused on healing of our mind at this exhibition and Kim was the perfect match. I hope her works would heal many wounded hearts of those who visited the gallery. Kim gave me her second book of poetry and I couldn’t help my eyes brimmed with tears yet a smile on my face. Through her works, interviews and poems, I came to understand about her more and I learned a lot. I think her works will heal wounded hearts.”


Sharing hearts with people

She held her 14th solo exhibition coincided with her second book of poetry release ceremony at the Cafe Camel. She used part of the profits generated at the event and donated 70 boxes of ramen to the Women’s Labor Welfare Center in Changsin-dong, Jongno, Seoul. Gumbin Im, the director of the center, said “I was impressed by the poetry. Changsin-dong has been my home of the heart for about 50 years. I didn’t see things about literature here but from some years ago artists and writers started to hold events here which is really good. In addition, Kim donated part of her event profits to us and we are really grateful.” Kim said “I closed my studio and work at home after the pandemic. Watching my works, my children said to me that my works are made of 100% purity and they respect me. This is really encouraging. My seond book of poetry is ‘Human + Bond’ which means that we live together but not alone. We meet, dream of the bright future, and live beautiful now. So I do my best for my life and the people around me.”

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