TKYNX is a music preset data open market platform

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- Presets reduce production time and make music accessible to all

▲ RSNCE / CEO Jungwoo Kim

With the popularity of K-POP, the domestic music production and trends are changing fast. In particular, the importance of post-production, such as mixing and sound effects, has been increasing in recent years. Unique tones and sounds are an important part of today’s music. Musicians and sound engineers are working hard to create more refined and unique tones and sounds using advanced sound equipment and software. K-pop’s popularity is due in large part to its unique, sophisticated, and advanced sound design, mixing, and mastering techniques.

A global open marketplace for buying and selling preset data (VSTi presets, audio plugin presets, audio plugin chain presets, and project session templates), the settings that create these instrument sounds, individual bell beats, and sound effects, is about to launch. TKYNX, which promises to make it easier and faster for anyone to download data to create stylish, state-of-the-art sound effects and create the music they want.


TKYNX makes music production easy

Reducing 90% of the time

RSNCE (CEO Jungwoo Kim) has developed TKYNX, a web market platform for trading preset data containing musical instruments, sound sources, and sound effects, with the mission of ‘We inspire people and resonate the world through media’.

A preset is data that is stored in advance of the process required to achieve a certain result. All products and services have their own know-how and complex processes, which can be preset and used to create other products and works. World-class musicians like Adele, BTS, Coldplay, and Justin Bieber have used these presets to create unique instrumental and sound effects. TKYNX is a platform that makes it easy for people to create music with these presets.

CEO Jungwoo Kim says “I studied Electronic Production and Design (EPD) at Berklee College of Music, and I realized what musicians were uncomfortable with and why people couldn’t make music. So I studied programming and artificial intelligence to develop a preset sound recommendation platform project, and when I came back to Korea, I opened a business.”

When making music, designing the sound of instruments and the timbre of the music can take up to 90% of the total music production time. TKYNX is a platform that helps you solve this time problem with presets, and it’s coming soon.


Music preset files and variety of media presets

More than 1,000 kinds of plugins

TKYNX is a large number of presets and related data. There are at least 5,000 different types of preset instruments available here, and preset files, as well as image and text files, can be freely traded on the open market. This allows performers, composers, producers, sound designers, and engineers to quickly and easily produce creative music. 

In addition to music, the company will be offering presets for media content in a variety of fields, including photography, video, gaming, and graphics. Kim says “Presets are know-how and data after all, and they are everywhere in our lives. We’re going to make them big data, and in the future we’ll build an NFT mainnet to make them more accessible and protect the rights to the presets.”

Unlike traditional audio sample trading platforms, TKYNX also sells presets, which are data of settings that can be modified. These are more practical than simple audio samples because they can be modified, and TKYNX aims to handle more than 10,000 types of software.

It is also an open market format where the price is set by the seller and users can be both buyers and sellers, and advanced search is possible with accurate data categorization by experts.

When asked about the future plan, Kim says “Our ambition is to create a virtuous cycle of enabling people anywhere in the world to create music and art without the need for specialized knowledge, honoring existing musicians and artists, inspiring the world with their passion and expression, and creating positive social change.”

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