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- A platform that goes beyond eye health to family health


As the use of smartphones and other electronic devices increases, eye health becomes a concern. In the past, not many people used smartphones and other handheld electronic devices, but now most people are using smartphones, and it has been pointed out that their eyes are deteriorating. Eye health is becoming increasingly important, especially as we enter an aging society, but it is often difficult for old people with limited mobility to get to an eye clinic. It has been pointed out, therefore, that there is a need to simplify inspections.


Easily check your eye health

Nenoon is an eyecare kiosk

PixelRo (CEO Sukmeong Kang) is a digital eye care solution company that developed Nenoon, an eye care kiosk that makes it easy to diagnose eye health through an app. 

PixelRo, which was founded in 2016 as part of Samsung’s internal venture incubation program, had developed a presbyopia-correcting film that helps the elderly and those with low vision see clearly when looking at their phones. After seeing the market’s response to this product, CEO Sukmeong Kang realized that it was also important to measure presbyopia, so he developed a measurement solution kiosk that could be used in ophthalmology or optometry offices.

Nenoon was then developed with PixelRo’s own AI technology to check eye health. Nenoon has an eye age measurement algorithm that measures the distance between the eyes in real time and derives an average value. It also has an algorithm that automatically adjusts the ticket size by measuring the length between the device and the eye in real time, and an eye tracking-based pupil tracking technology that tracks the location of the recognized pupil and reflects it in the macular degeneration test. Nenoon uses an AI facial recognition algorithm that locates human faces and identifies details such as eyes, nose, and mouth from input images, and a natural language recognition algorithm that identifies natural language from input images. It also uses a text recognition model that identifies and recognizes the structure of natural language, such as paragraphs, sentences, and words. With these algorithms, Nenoon not only performs near vision tests, but also presbyopia control tests that double as eye age tests, Amsler chart tests, and macular degeneration tests such as Emsik deformity tests. Kang says “We plan to increase the items so that we can screen for overall eye health.” Nenoon has been conducting demonstration projects with Daegu Techno Park, the Korea Senior Citizens Association, and obstetrics and gynecology, and has also participated in CES for two consecutive years to showcase its products. This year, the company plans to participate in other overseas exhibitions, such as Japan, to showcase its products.


Air sterilizing deodorizer for pet lovers

Creating a platform to connect wellness and medical devices

PixelRo recently introduced the air sterilizing deodorizer. This product is a plasma/ionic air sterilization deodorizer for pet owners to eliminate the discomfort caused by animal odors. It emits ‘plasma ions’ and is equipped with ozone reduction technology that is safe for humans with a 38-degree rotation angle, neutralizes toxic OH radicals among free radicals that are harmful to humans, and has the effect of eliminating viruses, harmful molds, and allergy-causing bacteria. The company is working to create a platform to connect the wellness industry and medical devices, and aims to provide integrated services such as health services, health food, and insurance services.

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